Making Your Own Custom Joomla CMS Theme

Content management systems have become so much more than they were originally intended to be. In  the beginning these content management systems were only designed to help webmasters upload and organize content on their website. However as time passed new features were added until the CMS has reached the point where it is today – complete convenience in a backend interface. Now content management systems are used to completely change the look and feel of a site instantly, without even changing the actual content of the site. The CMS has made it possible to create a site with absolutely no programming or webmaster experience. Entire site layouts can be changed using what are known as themes – interactive customizable site templates.

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Joomla CMS Themes

The Joomla CMS is one of the most popular in the world, alongside WordPress. This content management system is known for it’s simplicity and robust features. Although using predesigned templates in a content management system is extremely simple, unfortunately the process of building such a template is not always so simple. To build a Joomla template from scratch you need to have extensive knowledge in CSS, HYML, and PHP. It can take a very long time to learn all of these skills and then use them on a professional level. So how do you go about getting your own custom Joomla theme made?

Outsourcing to Rent-a-Coder

One of the options you have in regards to having your custom Joomla template made is outsourcing. Many people seem to have the idea that all outsourcing is extremely expensive, especially website creation. However the truth is there are many freelance workers out there that are more than willing to help you with your projects for a very nominal fee. 

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Using Software to Create Your Theme

When it comes to CMS theme creation there is only one software worth mentioning – Artisteer. Artisteer let’s you build your own custom CMS themes using a simple drag and drop interface WYSIWYG style. The program is one-of-a-kind and is used by webmasters around the world to bring a custom look and feel to their sites. The beauty of Artisteer is that it can create themes for several different CMS platforms, including WordPress, Joomla and Blogger. With Artisteer you can easily customize every aspect of your website’s theme without knowing a single bit of coding or programming knowledge.

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The above two methods should help you get started with your won custom Joomla CMS theme. Keep in mind that the above theme creation methods can be used separately or combined. For example, you could hire an Artisteer expert to help you design your theme within Artisteer. You could also hire a programmer to add even more custom changes to your custom Artisteer theme, such as specific functions and flash media content.

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