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mindSHIFT and Kentico Team Up

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mindSHIFT Technologies is one of the leading provides of information technology and cloud services to small and medium-sized organizations. Recently the firm announced that it has achieved the Kentico Certified Solution Partner status. mindSHIFT currently utilizes Kentico’s content management system to develop affordable, fully interactive and dynamic websites.

The Use of Kentico CMS

mindSHIFT uses this technology because it is an easy-to-use program that meets the needs of website development and production.  The company is thrilled to be receiving this certification and recognizes that the Kentico software is the most important tool in their information technology toolbox.

Recent Uses

mindSHIFT recently utilized the Kentico CMS to create and launch the new VVA Project Managers and Consultants website. The CMS simplified the website updating process be more efficient and allowed for much more control. mindSHIFT also played a major role during the entire implementation process; from design to build to launch, the experts at the company helped achieve the shared organizational goals.

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Kentico Values their Certified Partners

Kentico continues to hold their certified partners in the highest regard as they continue to help them deliver reliable web solutions. mindSHIFT continues to demonstrate their abilities with the platform while proving to be a valued partner focused on the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

About Kentico CMS

The Kentico CMS platform is an affordable solution with an entire set of features for the creation, development and implementation of websites, intranets, community sites and online stores utilizing Microsoft ASP.NET. The CMS boast a WYSIWYG editor, multi-language support, full text search, SEO, image galleries, online forums, blogs, polls, groups, media libraries, workflows and over 200 configurable web components.

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More than 4,000 websites across 84 countries utilize the Kentico CMS software. The most well-known clients include Microsoft, McDonald’s, Orange, O2, Vodafone, Brussels Airlines, Ford, Mazda, Subaru, Samsung, Gibson, Guinness, DKNY, ESPN and Abbot Labs.

About mindSHIFT

mindSHIFT Technologies is a well-known, reputable technology advisor for small to medium-sized businesses that delivers the most innovative technology and cloud computing services available. Many firms use mindSHIFT’s information technology management services to keep their networks running around the clock while protecting critical data.

The partnership between these firms appears to be an excellent fit which will allow for the release of many new, innovative products and technologies. Both companies are reputable in their respected industries and should continue to be successful.


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