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How Content Management Systems affect Web Designers

Content Management Systems (CMS) are growing extensively around the internet. They allow a vast amount of storage with the addition of tremendous functionality and customization. CMS is the next step in separating design from structure. The system began with cascading style sheets (CSS) and advanced further as a result of XML. In the years ahead […]

Making Your Own Custom Joomla CMS Theme

Content management systems have become so much more than they were originally intended to be. In  the beginning these content management systems were only designed to help webmasters upload and organize content on their website. However as time passed new features were added until the CMS has reached the point where it is today – […]

Can I Use a CMS to Make a Website With No Experience?

Creating websites from scratch is not particularly easy, especially if you have no experience doing so. However, as each day passes more tools developed to help the novice webmaster create dynamic and visually pleasing sites with ease. Some of the tools developed promise to help even the most inexperienced user create an online empire without […]

A Closer Look at PHPCow

PHPCow is one of the many open-source content management systems powered by the widely used PHP language. This particular CMS is geared more towards users who want to create online magazines, newspapers, and news portals.  PHPCow offers the promise of being able to design and manage your content-rich site in simple drag-and-drop fashion, requiring no […]

A New CMS for ASP.NET Lovers

The market for ASP.NET CMS products is expanding rapidly.  Users now have another option for blending content management and the power of ASP.NET with Webaptive.  Just released by developer Striquent, Webaptive is an enterprise CMS available in premium and community versions.  The biggest draw to this program is its ability to incorporate content management functionality […]

Textpattern: The Text-Friendly CMS

In World Wide Web years, TextPattern is a mature CMS that has been around in alpha and beta versions since 2001 and finally distributed under the GNU GPL in 2004.  The product has been dramatically improved over the years and the most notable enhancements yet can be seen in the latest version release, TextPattern 4.20.  […]

Simplified Content Management with CMS Made Simple

CMS tools are quickly replacing traditional web design and management utilities.  These software applications are robust and offer far more capabilities than your typical site builder.  Most CMS applications are usually dubbed as “easy to use” but in actuality, that is always up for debate.  Even systems like the world renown Joomla and Drupal especially, […]

5 Tips for Choosing a CMS

Choosing the right CMS for your website can be a real challenge.  After all, there are literally hundreds of products on the market from open-source to commercial solutions.  While the right system all depends on your individual needs, these five tips should making choosing a CMS much easier. 1. What’s Your Goal? No two systems […]

Assessing the Open-source CMS

Many webmasters have a need to effectively manage content as it enables the creation of large, easy to maintain websites.  The problem is that not everyone can afford the high-end proprietary solutions such as IBM WebSphere and the Microsoft Content Server.  Fortunately, there are also several open-source systems on the market that offer a cost-effective […]

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