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Can I Use a CMS to Make a Website With No Experience?

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Creating websites from scratch is not particularly easy, especially if you have no experience doing so. However, as each day passes more tools developed to help the novice webmaster create dynamic and visually pleasing sites with ease. Some of the tools developed promise to help even the most inexperienced user create an online empire without having to know anytime about coding or programming. This leads a lot of new webmasters to set out on a journey in which they expect to start today and have three sites built by tomorrow. Is it possible? Sure, but don’t expect your websites to look like anything more than a few basic pages strung together.

The main tools used to automated the process of building and maintaining  website are CMS (Content Management Systems). Content Management systems are used to update content, organize websites, upload templates and maintain the overall appearance of a website.

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How Can Templates Help Me?

If you’re trying to create a website with no experience then you’re going to want to use templates. Templates are basically predesigned web pages that you can use to get a web page up and running in a matter of minutes. Using a CMS like WordPress, you’ll be able to upload a template and populate it with content in very little time. You can even change templates quickly and easily, without changing the content of your site.

Can I Publish Content Without Experience?

The answer to this question depends entirely upon particular content management system you are using. However, it should be noted that most content management systems do not let you use a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) text editor. In other words, don’t expect to be using a text editor that looks like Microsoft Word while publishing your content to the web. Unless of course you can use certain plugins to amend the content management system. One instance where this is possible would be if you used WordPress and the WP Super Edit plugin.

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Why Use WordPress?

WordPress originally started as a blogging template, however it has evolved into the most commonly used website creation platform on the planet. There are hundreds if not thousands of plugins for WordPress that will let you do just about anything you can imagine with your website with minimal programming and coding experience. In fact, you don’t need any experience at all unless you want to bring your website to the next level using custom graphics. Using WordPress you can publish content and even automatically populate your site with content without having any experience in internet technology. If there is something you can’t figure out, you can just go to the WordPress forums and ask some professionals who will gladly assist you in virtually any topic within a couple of hours.

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The answer to the main question “Can I use a CMS to create a website with no experience?” – is definitely a resounding yes. Using the tools and information available on the internet today, virtually anyone can create their own website with no experience whatsoever.


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