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Simplified Content Management with CMS Made Simple

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CMS tools are quickly replacing traditional web design and management utilities.  These software applications are robust and offer far more capabilities than your typical site builder.  Most CMS applications are usually dubbed as “easy to use” but in actuality, that is always up for debate.  Even systems like the world renown Joomla and Drupal especially, can be more than a handful.  You can find yourself in a jam when the community isn’t providing the level of support you need, which is often a harsh reality on the open-source market.  Unlike many others, one CMS that lives up to its name is an intuitive software package called CMS Made Simple.

What is CMS Made Simple?

CMS Made Simple is an open-source content management system that takes the complexity out of the management aspects.  The name says it all.  The platform is easy to install, set up and maintain.  Thanks to a user-friendly interface, managing all of your content is made simple, allowing you to save time by working more efficiently.  CMS Made Simple offers a unique ability that lets you create and run multiple websites while maintaining the content of each one independently.  Instead of spending time wrecking your brain on trying to figure out how the software is supposed to work, you can walk through a short learning curve and get your projects done much faster.  These are a few of many qualities bundled in CMS Made Simple.

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Instant Search Engine Appeal

Before deciding on an CMS, it is good idea to research and find out how the software ranks in terms of SEO .  If visibility matters to you, it is important to go with a platform that is capable of generating URLs that appeal to search engines such as Google and Yahoo.  Even the mighty Joomla platform has its shortcomings in this regard.  In order to create your pages in a search engine-friendly manner, you have to install add-on modules, which presents more complexity to the inexperienced user.  CMS Made Simple has you covered from an SEO aspect by enabling the easy creation of search engine-friendly web pages to keep the spiders crawling to your site.  With this CMS, there is no need to install any add-on modules that may or may not work correctly.  This factor alone gives CMS Made Simple a huge advantage over some of the most highly touted open-source programs.

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Additional Features and Capabilities

CMS Made Simple offers a fast and simple way to create a content-rich website and effectively manage all of its key components  Although most of the tools you need to integrate blogs, polls, and forums are available by default, this CMS is fully modular and highly extensible.   Aside from search engine friendliness right out of the box, the software also provides a facility for easy user and group management, a nice selection of built-in templates, a file manager, WYSIWYG editor, multi-language support and much more

A Simple CMS Choice

CMS Made Simple is light on server resources and runs efficiently with the support of a MySQL database on any server running PHP.  If you are hunting for open-source content management tools, this is one you definitely want to put on your list.



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