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Web-cp – Free and Open Source Control Panel for Developers

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If you’re a web developer than you’re probably aspiring to make a significant contribution to the online community. One of the easiest ways to build a custom software without having to devote an exuberant amount of temporal dedication to the project is to use a pre-designed open source platform as your starting point.

Control panels are great projects for novice and intermediate web developers because they provide a productive and useful service to the developer and their clients. Although many people have heard of cPanel, vDeck and other popular control panels, there are many custom solutions currently being implemented by independent developers and their clients. Web-cp provides the perfect base platform for such a custom solution, and the following review outlines the reasons why.

Open Source/Full Featured

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One of the most appealing aspects about the Web-cp control panel is the fact that it already includes all of the basic features one would expect from a quality control panel, and it comes in various ‘flavors’.

The Web-cp selection actually consists of 4 different control panels – personal, reseller, domain, and server. Each of these solutions is geared towards a different type of user, and therefore provides a different level of functionality. By providing access to personalized and customizable control panel solutions, Web-cp offers the perfect starting platform for any control panel developer. Each version of the software is specifically designed to create the ideal user interface for the targeted user.

Web-cp Versions

The ‘personal’ control panel lets users perform tasks like editing personal information, changing passwords, and adjust spam control settings. The ‘domain’ version of Web-cp is geared towards domain owners, and lets webmasters add new users, sub domains, domains, aliases, databases, and domain pointers. The ‘resellers’ control panel lets hosting resellers efficiently control the domain accounts of their clients, and the ‘server’ control panel, lets server administrators add and/or modify resellers, monitor and control server usage, edit DNS and VirtualHost templates, and restarts server services. Having this diverse functionality at your fingertips will help you create a perfect control panel solution for your clients, without having to start from scratch.

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Development Support

Another aspect of Web-cp that makes it perfect for aspiring control panel developers is the extensive development support offered on the software’s web site. There users can find information about recent Web-cp releases, and research detailed documentation, including information about recently added features, software compatibility, and error reports. The site also provides access to discussion forums, live chat, commercial support, a regularly updated bug tracker, and of course a Frequently Asked Questions section. All of these resources help you create the best control panel solution possible, with minimal experience and web development skills.

Although Web-cp is not currently offered by major hosting providers, and its popularity pales in comparison to that of a cPanel’s, it provides the perfect learning and development environment for those looking to create the next big control panel that will be offered by web hosting companies


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