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Helms: The Ultimate Windows Control Panel

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For the most part, web hosting control panels are platform specific, meaning they are designed to function with a particular operating system.  While Linux users get the benefit of the industry leading cPanel software, those who prefer Windows are not left out in the cold.  This article will introduce you to Helm, the preferred control panel for the Windows platform.

What is Helm?

Created by software developer Parallels, Helm is a powerful control application that offers numerous benefits to web hosting companies, providing the ability to automate and control their operation with ease.  Its flexibility is able to support companies of all sizes, running seamlessly on a single server or across thousands of machines.  Helm streamlines the server-to server to communication in a secure manner, allowing providers to be more efficient while cutting back tremendously on administrative time.

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Although most web hosts start out with just a few servers, having the ability to upgrade to hundreds more is crucial.  Helm provides that scalability that enables a hosting company to go from one to hundreds to thousands of servers with no lag in performance.  Its powerfully unique service distribution facility has the ability to run multiple services on any server and is even compatible with services from other providers.

Centralized Interface

Helm is a straightforward control panel that offers all the essential features and services right from the interface.  This allows companies to easily manage their customer base regardless of how many or what types of servers are being used.  Helm allows you to administer sites on everything from mail servers to remote servers.

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Built-in Communication System

Helm’s simplistic approach adds ease to the task of customer relations as the integrated communications system is designed in a manner that allows you to stay in touch with your clients.  Helm automates many of these processes including the distribution of invoices and payment reminders.

Advanced Billing System

Helm is perfectly suited for a web hosting business as it providers the ability to sell virtually any type of service.  For example, customers with complex hosting packages consisting of various add-ons can be invoiced for all those services in one simple, itemized invoice.  The software also allows you to automatically bill customers for services used on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis and offers payment options such as credit card, PayPal or bank account.

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Helm gives you the ability to completely brand your business into the control panel.  You can incorporate custom HTML headers and footers as well as helpful links into your customers’ control panels.  What this means is that it allows you to give Helm the look and feel of your business without losing any of its power.

Helm is the ideal control panel for web hosting solutions.  The software is highly functional yet very user-friendly to the savvy administrator.  Helm’s greatest attribute is the fact that it passes along a similar level of power and simplicity down to the end-user.  Whether you’re looking to be a web host or tackle another business, the Helm software makes a great Windows control panel.


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