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cPanel for VPS Hosting

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VPS hosting has taken off over the last few years and with its popularity stems greater demands.  In this environment, the average management tools usually do not cut it, rather this only present a new level of complexity.  One critical area providers can’t afford to slack in is the control panel. And with more people moving up to VPS hosting, it is no surprise that the leading control panel software would step up to meet the challenge.

A new version of cPanel was released earlier this year, a product specifically designed for the VPS platform.  Aptly named as cPanel VPS Optimized, this version comes with numerous improvements, optimized to consume a minimal amount of memory when the program is idle and not in use.  The new control panel offers many of the features you will find on the standard cPanel but is finely tuned for VPS hosting.  This optimization allows web hosting companies and end-users to comfortably host multiple domains per server as more memory will be available.

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There have been many tests to rate the performance of the new cPanel.  In one particular test, a virtual private server with 500 MB RAM showed that the standard cPanel installation left 248 MB RAM free, even when the program is idle and not being used.  This means that cPanel claimed more than half the memory on the server.  The VPS version showed that when idle, cPanel uses no more than 90 MB RAM and leaving around 495 RAM to be used by other programs and services.

The developers of cPanel were able to optimize the control panel and ensure lower memory consumption by reconfiguring the Apache component associated with it.  The Apache server application is what serves the web pages from the virtual private server to the people who wish to view them.  While Apache is known to be a memory hog, the VPS version of cPanel was tweaked to keep things running at the same speed without consuming too many resources.  By reducing the amount of memory cPanel and its neighboring programs utilize, VPS hosts are able to effectively allocate their servers and offer a more affordable hosting solution.

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Aside from the performance tuneup, the new cPanel still provides a simple user interface with an array of great features.  With this program, you can handle various tasks that cannot be performed with standard versions.  From creating email accounts and password protecting your directories to uploading files and installing software, it can all be done without using the command line.  The VPS version supports a number of add-ons which allows you to customize the appearance, enhance functionality and incorporate custom applications.  Combining extensive system management and an intuitive GUI, the new cPanel offers the flexibility you need to succeed in VPS hosting.

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cPanel VPS Optimized is currently only available in Edge, Current and Release versions.  This control panel is however, available through partners and distributors who offer cPanel VPS licenses with their web hosting packages.  Because the program is still in testing stage, experts recommend getting hands on with a demo version before using it on a live VPS hosting account.


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