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Top Three Control Panels to Consider When Choosing a Web Host

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Selecting the right control panel for your web hosting account is imperative. This decision will affect the overall productivity of your online business. Depending on your goals, you’ll want to choose a control panel that is both user-friendly and feature packed, to ensure you get the most out of your web hosting experience. Choosing the wrong control panel can result in countless hours of frustration and confusion, so it is important that one reviews their options carefully before making a final decision.

This article will allow one to make the most informed decision possible, by providing a detailed summary of the top three web hosting control panels .


cPanel is likely the most common control panel used today. It’s popularity can be attributed to its user-friendly interface and wide array of features.  The standard cPanel account comes equipped with two different hosting interfaces that make it ideal for managing an online business. These two interfaces are the WHM and cPanel itself.  WHM (Web Host Manager), is the software used to create new hosting accounts and packages.  The WHM is used to perform various management functions, such as adding/spending customer accounts, monitoring resource usage, changing passwords, parking domains, and installing SSL certificates . One of the biggest advantages of a cPanel account is the included  third-party application “Fantastico” that allows one to enhance their site’s overall quality by incorporating a wide array of useful add-on applications.

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H-Sphere is a highly versatile control panel that supports both Windows and Linux platforms. This control panel lets administrators manage several different servers from one computer.  H-Sphere behaves much like a server itself, offering a variety of turn-key features like payment processing, account configuration,  domain name registration and email notification.  It also includes support for more than twenty payment gateways, and it even comes with a built-in billing module. Since H-sphere is equipped with  so many useful features it is often considered much less user-friendly than most of the other control panels available. Although the overall design of H-sphere gives it a steep learning curve,  this control panel can still be mastered with very little foreknown knowledge in PHP, HTML, or FTP.

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Plesk is well-renowned as one of the most secure and stable control panels on the market today.  Many of it’s users appreciate it’s easy-to-learn navigation, well designed interface, and overall appearance in general.  Plesk offers a variety of beneficial features, including an automated application installer that is much like Fantastico. Plesk also comes equipped with a site builder and a powerful spam filter, Spam Assassin.  This particular control panel also works well with other solutions offered by its developer; SWsoft. The most notable application that Plesk integrates well with is HSP. HSP fully automates the process of administrative tasks such as payment processing and email notification.

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Regardless of which control panel you decide to use, all of the control panels mentioned here are a viable solutions for all of your web hosting tasks.


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