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Ubuntu 11.10 – A Linux Misstep?

Ubuntu is the heavyweight champion of the Linux world.  It is the most downloaded and used of all Linux distributions.  Its interface is easy to use, and it allows for…


coLinux: can Linux and Windows co-exist?

The logo for Cooperative Linux, more popularly known as coLinux, sums up the attempted approach to the platform.  Placing the Windows logo and Linux penguin in opposite ends of the…

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A News Rundown About the Great Growing Cloud

Cloud technology is evolving so quickly that it’s near impossible to keep up with all of its developments.  We’re not even going to try ourselves.  Let’s instead do a brief…


How to Install ModSecurity in CentOS

If you’re the proud owner of a dedicated server running CentOS (Seems like most people are favoring the Linux distro these days!) then you owe it to yourself to install…


Clean Your YUM Out!

YUM is a package manager and updater service for Red Hat Linux, and if you’re part of the Red Hat Network, you’re likely already using the offering to keep your…

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Linux Server Logs Explained

It’s a jungle out there, and when things go wrong in web hosting, they often go terribly wrong. It’s a tragic fact of life that not all technology is full-proof…