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The cPanel Software/Services Area

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The cPanel Software/Services area of the software is one that allows the user to install Perl and PHP packages, view the PHP information and plenty more. The section tends to focus more on the programming aspect of your website in conjunction with the behind the scenes actions of the web hosting environment.

The section is broken down into eight areas. These include:

  • CGI Center
  • Site Software
  • PHP PEAR Packages
  • PHP Configuration
  • Perl Modules
  • Optimize Website
  • Ruby on Rails
  • RubyGems

The CGI Center is short for Common Gateway Interface and allows a web server to run small segments of software code called scripts. cPanel’s CGI Center provides pre-loaded scripts that can be extremely beneficial to a website. Some commonly used scripts include, creating a guestbook, hit counter, clock and banner ads. These spruce up websites and make them more functional and attractive.

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The Site Software area allows for the addition of useful software to a website. The web hosting provider offers different types of software for necessary functions. The PHP PEAR package can help users add and manage various types of PHP packages. Similarly, the PHP Configuration area contains functions that allow the user to view information regarding the server’s PHP configuration.

The Perl Modules mini-section provides an easy-to-use interface to add and manage Perl modules to any site. The Optimize Website area has settings which can automatically compress a website when specific content is accessed by visitors. This allows for a much quicker transfer of information from server to guest due to a smaller file transfer which most customers and visitors will greatly appreciate.

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The Ruby on Rails is a unique area that is a document tutorial on how to create and install a Ruby on Rails application to a website. Finally, the RubyGems area is a package manager for the Ruby programming language. It creates a standard format to distribute programs and libraries, manage gems and provides a server for distribution.

The Software/Services is a tremendously vital section that is not commonly found in competing control panels. These small areas with so much functionality and customization are the primary reason cPanel is the most widely used, popular control panel available to web hosting providers. As cPanel continues to grow and expand, they will find new functions to add which will help users be more efficient in their website creations.


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  • Avatar Md Rashedul Hasan says:

    I could not find ‘PHP Configuration’ in software&services section. What should I do? I am using cPanel Accelerated 2.

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