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coLinux: can Linux and Windows co-exist?

The logo for Cooperative Linux, more popularly known as coLinux, sums up the attempted approach to the platform.  Placing the Windows logo and Linux penguin in opposite ends of the…


Linux Web Hosting – What Makes it Click?

Linux Web Hosting is appropriately named.  Websites built using the Linux operating systems are said to be hosed on Linux, as simple as that! Some features of Linux web hosting…

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Control Panels – What are Their Limits?

When something is too user-friendly there is an instinctual felling that there must be some nuances of use that you are sacrificing to obtain use an un-intimidating  product or service. …

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The Power of Cube Panel

Cube Panel is a unique control panel application that makes managing your domain and server functions an extremely easy process.  While there are many control panels available, some of them…

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Five Reasons to Choose Unix Hosting

Though Red Hat Linux and Microsoft Windows are currently prevalent on the market, Unix is making a comeback as a viable web hosting solution.  The platform offers all the power…

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Why Mac Web Hosting is a Worthy Consideration

For years, the Mac operating system has prided itself on being an intuitive and user-friendly operating system.  When considering its tremendous power, it should be no surprise that Mac OS…