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Top Four Reasons to use Cube Panel

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Created by software company Biztology, Cube Panel is a control panel application that provides the ultimate in automation to simplify the process of managing a server or website.  Though overshadowed by more popular options such as cPanel and Plesk, this control panel is very capable and a worthy competitor on the market.  If you are currently considering a control panel for your server, this article will give you four reasons why Cube Panel makes an excellent choice.

1.) Powerful and Intuitive

While the software is loaded with a host of features, the Cube Panel interface is simple and refreshingly intuitive.  Similar to cPanel, the main page is where you will find the most essential features and virtually everything you need.  There is a small column to the left of the page that gives a brief overview of your statistics as well as information on resources such as email accounts, FTP accounts and MySQL databases.  Whether it is composing mailing lists or installing SSL certificates, Cube Panel makes sure it can all be done with ease.

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2.) Cross-Platform Solution

Unlike cPanel, Cube Panel not only supports the Linux operating system, but Unix and Windows platforms as well.  And unlike Plesk, it does so with maximum efficiency to give you the best performance possible.  This factor alone gives it a considerable advantage over some of the most popular control panel programs.

3.) Integrated Data Backup Functionality

Losing the important data on your server can result in major headaches and detrimental ramifications for your business.  Cube Panel makes this a less likely scenario by providing a built-in utility that enables you to backup every piece of data.  All you have to do is click the “Backup copies” button to launch the Backup Management feature.  From here, you can instantly create a single copy of your website, or choose increments based on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.  Cube Panel makes it simple to protect your data and easily restore it directly from a user-friendly interface.

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4.) Extensive Domain Options

Cube Panel’s domain features serve as a great benefit to the hosting customer.  Its domain options are divided into two separate pages: Domain Permissions and Domain Limits.  The Domain Permissions page gives you an overview of the features specific to your web hosting account.  This includes what type of server-side programming support you have, where you stand in regard to FTP access and so forth.  The Domain Limits page displays all the services and resources specific to your account.  For example, it shows the total number of email accounts you are able to create, how much disk space is available to you, bandwidth allotment and much more.  These features allow you to easily keep track of your account and determine when upgrades are required.

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The selling point of Cube Panel is simplicity.  Even though it provides many useful features, the mere design of the software makes for convenient navigation and great performance.  Although a license will cost you around a $100, you can test out it for free with Cube Panel Lite,  a limited version that still lends a great deal of power to server administrators.  Keep your eyes on this control panel because it could be a major player in the very near future.


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