Efficient VPS Management with HyperVM

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Efficient VPS Management with HyperVM

It is often said that a VPS (virtual private server) is the perfect compromise between a shared and dedicated server.  However, what many don’t understand is the technical challenges involved with maintaining a virtualized platform.  While this type of environment isn’t recommended for the rookie webmaster, it can be greatly simplified with the aid of powerful control panel software.  There are many control panels designed to run with a VPS but the one we will discuss in this article is a program known as HyperVM.

What is HyperVM?

HyperVM is a software product that enables the easy provision and management of VPS platforms based on OpenVZ and Xen virtualization technology.  Because the package is tightly integrated with the Kloxo hosting control panel, it essentially gives web hosts the power to deploy a fully functional web hosting system right out of the box.  HyperVM performs with the utmost efficiency in the virtualization environment, allowing VPS end-users to maintain their operations transparently across multiple servers.  The software includes a mechanism that has the ability to manage networking configurations such as gateways and IP addresses independent of the control panel and also offers an IP address pool to support larger scale administration.

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Advanced Virtualization Technology

HyperVM is a multi-tiered, multi-server, multi-virtualization program.  Here are additional details on the relevance of each key component.

Multi-Tiered – Multi-tiered describes the application’s ability to run partially on one server while other parts of it run on another or multiple servers.  This technology serves as added protection just in case on of the virtual servers happens to crash.  If something of this nature does occur, HyperVM’s multi-tiered structure ensures that your data can still be accessed from the other available servers.

Multi-Server – By acting as a multi-server platform, HyperVM allows hosting providers to move customer accounts from one server to another.  By doing so, they can prevent overcrowding and better assure that customers enjoy an optimal performance.

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Multi-Virtualization – The implementation of multi-virtualization technology enables VPS hosting providers to offer different forms of virtualization technology to their customers all from a single control panel.  HyperVM currently supports OpenVZ and Zen but compatibility with other virtualization platforms are said to be in the works.

HyperVM Control Panel Features

The HyperVM VPS control panel delivers a wealth of features that customers can use to effectively maintain their accounts.  Listed below are just some of the features that have made it one of the premier control panels on the VPS hosting market:

Comprehensive Administrative Tools – HyperV comes included with Kloxo, a website configuration and comprehensive interface that allows you to manage and update your site with ease.  This tool offers many of the same capabilities as control panels like cPanel and Plesk.

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Centralized Console – With HyperVM, you can manage all the vital aspects of your hosting account from a single location.

Complete Management Authority – HyperVM defines what a VPS solution is all about, providing you with extreme control from configurations and rebooting to reloading and monitoring.

The HyperVM control panel gets the job done in the virtualized hosting environment.  If you have been considering VPS lately, this is one tool you may want to look out for.

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2 thoughts on “Efficient VPS Management with HyperVM

  1. let me remind every one that hypervm had nothing to do with vaserv incident it was admins poor choice of passwords that lead to incident of such magnitude.

    The jerk admin stored passwords on his gmail account and used same password all over hence his account was compromised and so was the dedicated machine(s) which hosted all the VPS’s.

    and so just to remid every one reading this that lxlabs owner KT Ligesh had issues related to his personal life.!!

  2. Unfortunately, the author of HyperVM killed himself after a security vulnerability in HyperVM resulted in the loss of 100,000 VPSs at VAserv.