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Virtualization Traps Companies Should Not Fall

Virtualization has taken over the IT, some has already done it, some is planning to do it, some is already doing it. From testing to production, from databases to active directories virtualization enables everyone to do more with less. No matter in which stage of implementation you are, benefits offered by virtualization in the data […]

A Look at the Top Xen VPS Web Host Providers

The virtualization race is on.  Now that concept of hosting several accounts on a single server as if they are on their own server has taken off, multiple platforms have been developed to try to perfect this emulation.  Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, and there already exist long online discussions about […]

A News Rundown About the Great Growing Cloud

Cloud technology is evolving so quickly that it’s near impossible to keep up with all of its developments.  We’re not even going to try ourselves.  Let’s instead do a brief news summary of some of the biggest recent advances in this field. China flies further into the cloud Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced this week that they […]

Tips for Improving Performance of Your Windows Server 2008 Dedicated Machine

It’s common in the web hosting world to compare the relative benefits of operating systems.  This masks an important fact, though: in all cases, they are what you make of them.  While there are naturally limits to this (no one is running Commodore 64 web hosting), the little improvements you can make to a machine […]

Do-it-yourself Virtualization

ServerBeach Limited is a Vancouver, Canada-based web hosting provider that recently began offering the “optional platform” to technically knowledgeable customers who desire additional control over their servers. Statement from ServerBeach The General Manager of ServerBeach released a statement informing the public that many smaller clients had been requesting “do-it-yourself virtualization” and utilize a group of […]

Telconet Scheduled to Build Two New Data Centers

Based out of Ecuador, telecommunications company Telconet recently announced its plan to build two new data centers for technology services. Groundbreaking is expected to begin in September 2011. The company currently boasts one data center in Quito and one in Guayaquil, both are in Ecuador. There is currently a growing demand for available sites for […]

Ascent to Partner with Comcast

Colocation web hosting provider recently announced it has partnered with industry-leading telecommunications company Comcast Business Services. The partnership will allow both companies to have access to Ascent’s data center in Pittsburgh through Comcast’s fiber optic network. The partnership will grant customers access to colocation, virtualization and managed hosting as well as disaster recovery and business […]

Amazon Web Services adds Static Web Hosting

With the addition of static web hosting, Amazon Web Services now has the ability to host basic websites without the need for a virtual machine. In the past, customer were required to use Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in conjunction with Simple Storage Services (S3). However, this is no longer necessary to host a non-dynamic website. […]

Linux Hosting – From Corporation to Consumer

Every web site on the internet is hosted on a web server that is managed through the use of an operating system, similar to how you control your computer through the operating system. This aspect of web hosting is quite often overlooked, and a lot of novice webmasters don’t even know what kind of operating […]

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