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Do-it-yourself Virtualization

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ServerBeach Limited is a Vancouver, Canada-based web hosting provider that recently began offering the “optional platform” to technically knowledgeable customers who desire additional control over their servers.

Statement from ServerBeach

The General Manager of ServerBeach released a statement informing the public that many smaller clients had been requesting “do-it-yourself virtualization” and utilize a group of servers however they need. Common uses include running websites or specific applications, backing or storing content or utilizing it for security purposes.

The Problem with Hosting

Customers were aware of the components of the equipment; the company previously did not allow them to open it up in the manner they wanted. However, with the new service, the equipment is open and customers can do exactly what they need to do. Clients have a choice between the Citrix ZenServer or Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor. Both servers give administrators a centralized control panel to allocate specific services to dedicated servers.

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Improving System Management

As a division of Peer 1 Hosting, ServerBeach targets small-to-mid-sized businesses that have the knowledge and experience to be the system’s administrator of their own servers. These new tools of advanced virtualization will allow information technology professionals to improve management and allow for more cost-effective initiatives.

Corporate Objectives

The goal for this new infrastructure is to extend the company’s reach and increase growth within the market. Simultaneously this will escalate competitive pressure on other local and international web hosting providers. In the web hosting industry it typically only takes one innovative idea to spark a slew of changes.

Showcasing the Significance of Virtualization

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Since each hosting provider has shifted toward virtualization, this expanded service will showcase the significance of the practice. It is more than likely similar news from other web hosting providers will be announced in the near future.

ServerBeach Company Information

Peer 1 began running ServerBeach from its Toronto, Canada location. At that time the facility was newly built. As the years progressed, ServerBeach services became expanded to Los Angeles, London, San Antonio and Herndon, Virginia.

Virtualization of resources has become a popular new hosting type due to its cost-effectiveness and performance capabilities. The new do-it-yourself service takes the basic idea and expands it to allow customers to basically do whatever they want on the server. Many businesses are limited to unlocking the complete functionality they need from a server. However, ServerBeach’s new product will now allow customers to utilize exactly what they require.


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