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The Benefits of Virtualized Hosting for eCommerce

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When most people think of virtual web hosting they tend to associate it with VPS hosting, or cloud hosting. However a new wave of webmasters are now using virtualization software within their web servers to bring both the Linux and Windows operating system to a single web server. This practically eliminates many of the limitations previously associated with Windows and/or Linux web hosting by removing software restrictions and releasing the true power of a VPS or dedicated hosting plan. Using this for eCommerce can have profound effects by enhancing SEO efforts and allowing the webmaster to use any eCommerce software available, whether it be for Windows or Linux. If you are interested in the benefits of virtualized web hosting for eCommerce the you may want to consider the following information.

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Unlimited Compatibility

Today’s virtualization software has unlocked new possibilities by unleashing any compatibility issues that may have previously been a problem when choosing a specific operating system for your web hosting plan. Now webmasters can install any software they’d like in their hosting account, as long as the hosting provider gives them the permissions to do so. It is important to note that virtualization software cannot be used in a shared hosting account because you’re not allowed to change the server configuration. If you’re planning on using visualization software like VMware then you need to shop around for a good VPS or dedicated hosting plan that gives you full control over the server’s software.

Cost Benefits

In the past, if you wanted a web server with Windows and Linux you would need to purchase two separate hosting accounts. However, with the advent of virtualized web server software, it is now possible to have both operating systems running simultaneously for half the cost. Now you no longer have to debate about the pros and cons of Windows web hosting vs Linux web hosting, because you can have the best of both worlds. Since Linux hosting costs less than Windows hosting, it would be ideal to purchase a Linux hosting plan and then install a partition of Windows within a virtualization software.

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How Do Virtualized Operating Systems Work?

Virtualized operating systems are actually separate from the original operating system of the web server, Which means any damage done to a virtual operating system will not affect the native operating system. Think of it as a computer within a computer, both completely separate and unique. Some people use virtualized operating system to test out suspicious files that may contain viruses, as even the worse virus will not affect the native operating system or the rest of the computer. Virtualized hosting is also perfect for webmasters that need several operating systems to test and develop compatibility during the construction of new web based software.

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It is important to note that you’ll need to consider the amount of RAM your server has when installing additional operating systems. Virtualization software does not enhance your server’s capabilities, it simply splits them up amongst several operating systems.


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