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The Pros and Cons of Linux Web Hosting

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Linux web hosting is one of the most popular types of hosting because it is cheap and easy to use. However, most people don’t realize why Linux is so favored amongst web hosting companies and webmasters. Choosing an operating system for a web hosting plan is not easy, especially for those without an adequate amount of technical knowledge pertaining to web hosting.

Linux hosting offers advantages for webmasters that are interested in developing eCommerce stores, as well as amateur webmasters in search of a more personalized solution. If you’re interested about the pros and cons of Linux web hosting then you may want to consider the following summary of the advantages and disadvantages of Linux hosting.

Operating System Reliability

This is definitely a pro for Linux hosting, the Linux operating system is  known for being reliable and easy to work with. Being that Linux is an open source software, it can be amended or fixed by any developer with the willingness and knowledge to do so.

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Most providers choose to offer Linux hosting for this reason, because they can provide better support with an open source operating system. Linux is extremely flexible, and comes in a wide variety of distributions that are suitable for a diverse range of webmasters and hosting providers. When it comes to compatibility and reliability, the Linux operating system is definitely a pro.

The Cost Of Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is also usually cheaper than Windows hosting, because the Linux operating system does not cost as much as Windows. The cost of support for a Linux operating system is also less than Windows support, simply because the in house support staff of the web hosting company can control the operating system more efficiently.

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When an error occurs in the Windows operating system there is little the web hosting company can do besides wait for an update from Microsoft. All of this ultimately contributes to the low cost and common availability of Linux hosting, which is often favored over Windows by hosting providers.

Linux Software Compatibility

This is a pro and a con for Linux web hosting, because the Linux operating system is compatible with anything that is not a Microsoft software. Microsoft holds a monopoly for all of their software that prevents any operating system other than Windows from being compatible with Microsoft software. If you’re planning to use Microsoft software for your web server then you may want to consider Windows web hosting.

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On the other hand, the Linux operating system can be used to boot virtually any other kind of operating system within itself, using virtualization software such as VMware. In fact, virtualization software could also be used within Windows hosting to load Linux as well. However, if you don’t have enough web hosting expertise to use virtualization software, then you may want to choose the type of hosting plan that includes an ideal operating system for your preferences.


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  • Avatar Timea says:

    I just have a simple website for my services. But I created a podcast channel on ITunes and regularly I can’t connect to blubrry media host/ITunes because every time I update someting in WP it stuff up my pod feed. At the moment my host can’t even fix it. I been told that linux hosting is much better for podcast. But I worry to move the whole website to linux. Not sure how the website itself will operate. What should I do? ?

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