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What is Managed Hosting?

Most large enterprises have an infrastructure in place that allows them to host their own web servers.  They have a team of IT experts to handle all the technical aspects along with developers to step in when updates are required.  However, if you are running a successful yet small to medium sized business, there is a good chance that you don’t have such resources.  In this case, you just may need a managed hosting provider.

Managed hosting refers to a hosting solution in which the provider tends to all the administrative tasks and operation of a dedicated server.  This type of arrangement is ideal for business owners who need a full turnkey service for managing hardware and software components, storage, network connectivity and all the requirements associated with a dedicated server.  Managed hosting is preferred by the those who desire a high level of support and services while  maintaining significant control over their server.  Because so many businesses rely on dedicated servers for mission critical tasks, the technical support, responsiveness and infrastructure of a managed hosting solution is typically greater than any other form of web hosting.

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Though more expensive on the surface, managed hosting is actually a cost effective solution as it spares you of the large up front investment on the necessary software and hardware for the server.  Instead, you simply pay a monthly fee in return for a fully managed hosting solution.  In this regard, managed hosting is quite similar to outsourcing the technical aspects of your business to a team of professionals who are better equipped to handle them.

Who Needs Managed Hosting?

Ideal for the business who lacks technical knowledge and resources, managed hosting is also the perfect solution for those who need to focus on the core of their business.  This environment alleviates the hassle of maintaining a web server as well as the performance and security issues that come along with shared hosting.  The backing of a reliable infrastructure pretty much guarantees stability and all the flexibility you need at a fixed cost.

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Managed Hosting Features

The services provided by a managed host range widely but generally include private networks, security products and database administration.  Some also extend their services to fully managed SQL server hosting.  In regard to server administration which is the standard feature, you can expect services like managed storage, connectivity, load balancing and monitoring and reporting of the server.  In most cases, physical maintenance such as servicing of the equipment is covered by the provider as well.  Add-on features such as software management can usually be obtained for an additional fee.


Managed hosting can be viewed as a tailor made hosting solution, allowing organizations to focus on marketing and actually running their businesses while all the complex tasks are handled by the experts.  As this solution doesn’t require a large up front investment, businesses can enjoy significant cost savings on handling a dedicated server.  When signing up with a good provider, you can better assure the availability of your online business with a server that puts out the best performance.

  1. branditkp
    April 17, 2009 at 1:51 am

    It is important to know the basic features they offer in each package like disk space, data transfer and email accounts. Also, know your requirements for these features. Allow some extra disk space or data transfer for your web site.

  2. jane bush
    jane bush
    January 2, 2009 at 3:10 am

    Very nice post on managed hosting… thanks for sharing useful information…

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