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How Control Panels Automate the Web Hosting Operation

These days, the average web hosting company has thousands of websites to maintain and even more customers to keep happy.  Manually performing all of the required tasks across multiple web servers is prohibitively costly and in many environments, impossible.  Being that web hosting is such a demanding operation, even seemingly trivial processes such as creating […]

Windows Server 2003: Still Getting the Job Done

Microsoft is behind a number of technologies that suit the needs of home and business users in both the desktop and server environment.  In general, Microsoft separates its server operating systems into four main categories: Applications, Collaboration, IT Operations and Security, essentially covering all the vital aspects required to running a highly efficient network. The […]

What is Managed Hosting?

Most large enterprises have an infrastructure in place that allows them to host their own web servers.  They have a team of IT experts to handle all the technical aspects along with developers to step in when updates are required.  However, if you are running a successful yet small to medium sized business, there is […]

Economic Impact on The Web Hosting Industry

Barrack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden, Sara Palin, corporate tycoons, middle-class consumers – they will all agree that the U.S. economy is struggling like most of us have never seen.  Fuel prices are in a state of turmoil, credit is in shambles, the entire nation is locking down wallets and purses to spare every dollar […]

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