Top 5 Sources to Download Free Software

Free Software

Several years back a computer was enough to keep up with the latest technological trends, however, today, a working internet connection is compulsory if you don’t want to be left behind. Things have been progressing pretty fast, and not only in terms of hardware innovations and high speed connections (by the way, did you know […]

Trends in Gaming: Steam and Free to Play Games


In light of the recent issues in the economy, many game companies have paired up with the online game distributor, Steam, in order to get their games to a wider audience. While this has worked very well, there are some games that took this even a step further and went from subscription services to free […]

The 13 Best Free WordPress Plugins


We covered recently the best plugins available for the webmaster who doesn’t mind spending a few bucks.  Now it’s time to look at the best ones for webmasters who do. Free plugins shouldn’t be looked at with so much of a suspicious eye.  While there is definitely something to be said for the polished professionalism […]