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The 20 Must Have Widgets for WordPress 2015

It is no secret that the power of the internet has made it easier than ever to get your voice heard or your business started. WordPress has understood this very well which is probably why it is one of the most popular blogging and website hosts out there. Its flexibility and easy-to-use building tools make […]

Is Too Much Content Making People Bounce From Your Website?

People want more, more and more, so why do they want to work less, less and less to get it? Many blogs and website owners are expressing concern over bounce rates. Even time on the site analytics are disturbingly short for content that should take longer to read or view. Unfortunately, the argument rages about […]

Too Dumb for the Dummies Guide to Social Media?

We Really Dumb it Down for You! Well, it’s not that you’re too dumb for social media — we all are. We listened to way too many “experts” about the best times to post, what to post, where to post and why to post content, but the one thing they never go into is that […]

Are You a Felonious Content Thief?

We’re not ones to say,”I told you so” but we did talk about content theft in November of 2013 and apparently, according to an article that just appeared, 85% of web content images are illegal and those who stole them are responsible for a felony amount of money that will destroy their life. We won’t […]

Written Content is Still the King of Marketing

Writing is a great way to get noticed as an expert in your field and build trust. You don’t need to be Hemingway. A simple, conversational writing style works great when communicating your message, so when I saw a fellow author’s article on writing to expand one’s marketing efforts (Expand Your Marketing Efforts Through Writing), […]

Comments Section: Land of Constructive Public Discourse Or Playground of Trolls?

Whether creating a website or starting a blog, one of the important decisions to make is whether or not to include a comments section. The Internet, that glorious land of interaction and anonymity, has been idealized as an idyllic community where people engage in intellectual and creative dialogue to make the world a better place […]

5 Steps to a Better Web Presence

I deal with a lot of startups and while the owner(s) are creative programmers, innovative app developers, savvy business people or brilliant tech nerds, they know nothing about marketing their own companies. That’s why they hire someone like me. The problem comes when they don’t listen to my advice on how to best use social […]

Do People Read Your Site Information?

There’s always one thing that most writers and those with important content on their site will say; “no reader actually finishes reading an article.” I disagree… when the content grabs the reader, is concise, and speaks TO the reader and not AT him or her. I also agree because it’s true that most people will […]

When are the Best Times for Social Media Posts to Reach a Global Audience?

Some say there are no “best” times to tweet or post to LinkedIn and Facebook. It all depends on your targeted audience, is the underlying rule for savvy social media managers and bloggers, but that has to take into consideration of when your audience is spending their time surfing through their social media channels and, […]

iTech News: Facebook’s Competition, Sulia, Screen Sharing

The web moves quickly and sites come and go, but who would have thought that one day Facebook might go the way of MySpace? Well, new apps, new functions, new consumer expectations drive the web and here’s some great new things everyone should know.

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