ASP Web Hosting Reviewed

ASP (Active Server Pages) is a revolutionary programming language and platform that facilitates the creation of dynamic webpages that can utilize interactive components and respond quickly to visitor input. Unlike other similar programming platforms that allow you to create interactive webpages, ASP is a complete server-side scripting solution, which means it is much more reliable […]

4 Crucial Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

With new web hosting businesses being born every day, and the web hosting industry (one of most competitive industries in the world) expanding at a rapid rate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sift through the mountains of advertising material and sales pages effectively. Fortunately, if you use the right set of criteria in the […]

A Closer Look into APS Hosting

APS is a unique hosting solution that offers some very unique features to the domain owner. APS (Active Server Pages) technology allows the design and creation of an interactive website to be completed via server-side scripting. Examples of interactive websites and/or features would be: forums, blogs, search bars, calendars, newsletters, email, surveys, polls, and hit […]

Umbraco: The Microsoft .NET-based Open-source CMS

Originally released in 2001, Umbraco is one of the only open-source content management systems built on ASP and Microsoft’s .NET technology stack.  To no surprise, the platform isn’t necessarily made for beginners, yet developers who prefer to utilize .NET web technologies.  For those who are not familiar, this article will provide more detail on the […]

Web Hosting Features – A Necessary Foundation

For a plethora of reasons, millions of customer are motivated to start a website.  Each new hosting acount accompanies a unique set of requirements.  Although price, customer support, and reliability are key points, features also play a major role in making a decision.  Features are often the most attractive part of a web hosting package […]

Introducing Cold Fusion Hosting

Now an Adobe product, Cold Fusion is one of the most powerful programming languages available.  As a server-side scripting technology, it is used to create dynamic web pages and applications, quite similar to languages such as ASP, Perl and PHP.  Cold Fusion gives developers the ability to create and deploy interactive features that power self-service […]

Introduction to ASP Hosting

The types of web hosting can be grouped in many classifications.  Some of them are actually extensions of other types of hosting.  One that falls under the Windows branch is ASP hosting, a type of hosting that revolves around ASP.  Short for Active Server Pages, ASP is Microsoft’s answer to open-source server-side programming languages such […]

ResellerChoice Offers Perks to New Clients

To meet growing demands, web hosting provider ResellerChoice, is currently running a sale for new customers.  The company recently debuted a special offer for 20% off its entire line of Windows hosting packages. Rob Conley of ResellerChoice says the company’s goal is the same as it has always been – deliver its customers feature-rich Windows […]