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Introduction to ASP Hosting

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The types of web hosting can be grouped in many classifications.  Some of them are actually extensions of other types of hosting.  One that falls under the Windows branch is ASP hosting, a type of hosting that revolves around ASP.  Short for Active Server Pages, ASP is Microsoft’s answer to open-source server-side programming languages such as PHP and Python.  Though used to create dynamic web pages like other technologies, ASP was developed to function specifically with Microsoft’s IIS (Internet Information Services) web server application.  Originally released with IIS version 3.0, ASP quickly became one of most the popular scripting technologies available.  Though overshadowed by its successor ASP.NET, ASP is still widely used today.

Inside ASP Hosting

The ASP language utilizes various built-in objects that correspond to specific functions when creating dynamic web pages.  Whereas static web pages are merely composed of basic text and graphics, dynamic pages contain content that changes and allows users to interact.  The data on a dynamic web page can change before your eyes without the need to be reloaded or refreshed.  The makeup of ASP gives it more functionality than alternative solutions, allowing experienced developers to create more appealing websites with ease.  In fact, almost anyone familiar with client-side programming languages such as VBscript can excel with ASP.

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Since the initial launch, Microsoft has released numerous versions of ASP, with the most recent being ASP 3.0.  The company has decided to phase out this language with ASP.NET which is faster, more robust and often considered the next generation of web development.  The original language is now referred to as Classic ASP.   However, ASP 3.0 remains popular because its built-in objects tend to be easier to work with.  One of them is the Session object that administers numerous functions for web pages and applications.

The Benefits of ASP Hosting

Companies who specialize in ASP hosting are only providing their customers with the basics of the language.  The host enjoys the most benefits as administers have direct access to IIS and the Windows operating system.  Web hosts with ASP and ASP.NET installed on their servers get the best of server-side scripting along with other Microsoft technologies such as MS Access and the SQL Server.  ASP allows these companies to create and manage powerful websites of their own.  Many of them use scripts to run special promotions, limited time offerings, collect data and even sell products and services with ASP shopping carts.  The enhanced functionality of ASP makes it the preferred choice for businesses of all types and sizes.

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Finding ASP Hosting

Just as with any type of hosting, it always best to shop around and compare ASP hosts.  Aside from complimenting Microsoft technologies, you should also concentrate on finding a company able to suit your needs in other areas.  If you are not familiar with the language, it would be wise to find a solution that offers extensive support and documentation on ASP to shorten the learning curve.  Without a capable and reliable web hosting company behind you, it will be very difficult to enjoy all the benefits ASP has to offer.


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