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3 Steps to Cloud SLA: #1 Availability

One of the primary reasons why businesses migrate from the traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud infrastructure is availability. In some cases, such as Office 365 and Google Apps, this availability is perceived as “continuous availability.” This is where the service level agreement begins to shape: the vendor is offering some kind of availability to […]

Is the Cloud Really a Threat to the IT Department?

The cloud, being one of the major IT transformations for the past couple of years, has been a big bandwagon for the merchants to jump on. You see marketing materials everywhere, especially with the interactive cost calculators that immediately tell you the savings involved. If you look at these cloud calculators closely, you will see […]

Moving E-mail to the Cloud: The Obvious Benefits

In all my discussions about migrating your data center to the cloud, I have taken a broader view of benefits offered by the cloud. In this article, I will specifically talk about the benefits of moving e-mail to the cloud. I chose e-mail on purpose: e-mail is a service that has a low performance score […]

Top Five Cloud Use Scenarios

I have talked about the cloud definition in one of my previous articles by emphasizing that the cloud computing offers rapid provisioning of resources on demand. While there are many issues still under discussion with cloud computing, such as ownership of data, backups, government compliance, data security etc., there are some cases where cloud computing […]

Google Apps vs. Office 365: How Will You Choose One over Another?

The two giants of the computer industry are competing on making your office completely mobile with their highly competitive prices. Both are eying SOHOs, medium-size businesses and enterprises. Both have their own solutions. But how will you choose one over another? When you are evaluating Software as a Service (SaaS) plans, you need a 360 […]

VPS Hosting and Storage: Coveted Knowledge From the President and CEO of InMotion Hosting

At last you have decided to expand your hosting needs and delve into virtual private server hosting. You’ve decided the shared hosting that you’ve been using simply does not suffice, or maybe you’re looking to downsize from your costly and hard-to-maintain dedicated server. Either way—and really, no matter what you’re looking for—you’re going to want […]

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