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Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Since the era of the computer came into full effect in the mid to late 20th century, data is often considered to be one of the most important aspects of running any type of company. Because sensitive data is so valuable to all organizations in the current global marketplace, it has become a necessity from […]

Cloud Backup & Online Storage Services

Cloud computing is changing the way we do business, and forcing some consumer online storage services to rethink their long term pricing strategies, as the proliferation of cheap and powerful computing resources complicates their growth. Once viable pricing structures have been thrown off track by a combination of users’ increasing storage demands and the greater […]

Is Cloud Computing Worth It for Your Business?

Fun fact: In 2010, companies spent $21.5 billion on cloud computing services. Experts estimate that by 2015 the total cost of all businesses using the cloud will be around $72.9 billion. The cloud — this new technology that is heavily used by mammoth corporations like Google, Skype, and Amazon — is here to stay. But […]

A Dark Cloud: Anonymity and Privacy Fall Further Before a Cloud Computing Experiment

An ominous headline quietly passed through the electronic ether recently.  Carnegie Mellon University published a paper entitled “Faces of Facebook: Privacy in the Age of Augmented Reality (PDF).”  The paper details the results of a study they performed centering on their facial recognition technology software PittPatt, also developed at CMU.  This study wasn’t designed to […]

The Future of Cloud Computing – Where it’s Going, and What it Means for You

The more that one looks into and considers what cloud computing is, the more it takes on an eerie quality.  As integrated into our lives and even commonplace as the internet has become, it shouldn’t take too much of a childlike sense of wonder to step back and realize how amazing it is that it […]

Future Uses and Growth of Cloud Computing

We live in a day and age where technology is advancing so fast that just ten years ago we could not have foreseen the technological advances that we enjoy today. Certainly we have seen plenty of retina scanning and fingerprint scanners in the movies and in science fiction books. Now, however, we see fingerprint security on […]

How the Kindle Fire is a Catch-all Reflection of Current Web Trends

Do you know what’s one wonderful thing about history?  At any moment in time society is caught up in countless evolving trends that will be fascinating some day to the historian.  While you’re living in them, though, they can be difficult to see.  This is not a bad thing.  It’s by all of us “enjoying […]

A News Rundown About the Great Growing Cloud

Cloud technology is evolving so quickly that it’s near impossible to keep up with all of its developments.  We’re not even going to try ourselves.  Let’s instead do a brief news summary of some of the biggest recent advances in this field. China flies further into the cloud Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced this week that they […]

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