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How IP Subnets Work

When dealing with colocation hosting, the provider will usually assign the client several IP subnets to use. This can cause a great deal of confusion. An IP subnet (sub network)…

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What is 95th Percentile Monitoring?

95th percentile monitoring is a collocation technical term that relates to bandwidth. This method of monitoring logs 30 days worth of traffic samples every 5 minutes. This log is then…


Advantages of Utilizing Co-location Hosting

A co-location server is one that is situated at a dedicated facility and houses a customer’s equipment. These facilities usually offer high-security, regulated power, filtered power, backup power generators, secured…

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How Will You Host Your E-commerce Site?

If you desire to open a storefront online, take note that there are several methods that can be used to power your e-commerce site, including an in-house solution, colocation, shared…

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Hosting Considerations for E-commerce

When it comes to e-commerce, one must take several factors in consideration.  Apart from deciding what market you want to tackle and thinking of ways to promote the business, you…

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What to Look for in Colocation

If you feel that a dedicated server or managed hosting provider isn’t able to meet your needs, you always have the option of purchasing your own server and taking it…