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Colocation Hosting – A Hard Fit

Colocation is possibly the most difficult service wherein you may find a reliable host. The very idea steps a bit out of a typical web host’s comfort zone. Your setup is done…

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Understanding Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is a form of web hosting service with some unique features that differentiate it from the standard services found within a large variety of web hosting plans. Generally,…

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The Freedom and Flexibility of Colocation Hosting

Online business owners usually require various services to keep their endeavors operating smoothly and supply the tools and resources needed to continually create new websites and online business opportunities. Web…

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Maintaining Redundancy at a Colocation Facility

Colocation facilities are buildings that house the networking equipment of a business that can choose to have the facility manage the servers or they can monitor it themselves. Unfortunately if…

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Why is Colocation Hosting so Expensive?

Colocation web hosting is often overlooked during discussions pertaining to web hosting comparison. However, it is a valid hosting type and in comparison to other hosting plans it is significantly…

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Colocation Hosting – Is it Right For You?

Colocation web hosting is very different from every other hosting service, primarily because it is not a service in which web servers are leased. Instead, colocation hosting is a web…

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Dedicated Web Hosting – Is it Worth the Price?

Selecting the right web hosting solution is critical for any website’s success. With numerous options available, it can be challenging to decide which type of hosting best suits your needs….

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Colocation Hosting – Security over Savings

In the web hosting industry there are two distinct hosting types, those geared towards business owners on a budget, and those geared towards business owners that demand the best. Colocation…

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Is Colocation Hosting Right For You?

Finding a reliable web hosting solution for your online business is absolutely imperative, especially if you plan on expanding your outreach in the near future. Reliability usually equates to privacy,…