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Are Cloud Providers Pushing Clients Back to Colocation?

When it comes to networking capabilities, knowledge truly is power. Those companies that rely heavily on their networks for the storing and sharing of business information know that without a strong working knowledge of their IT infrastructures, they risk encountering significant obstacles in recovering whenever those networks experience issues. Yet not every company has the […]

CIO Perspective: Things to Consider Before Co-locating Your Data Center

Co-locating your data center is essentially moving some of your data center to an outside company. An example of that can be giving your Microsoft Exchange infrastructure to a host, both the Client Access and the Database Availability Group servers. This is something slightly different than the cloud solutions; This is not a private cloud, […]

Understanding Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is a form of web hosting service with some unique features that differentiate it from the standard services found within a large variety of web hosting plans. Generally, a web hosting service provides you with all the necessary resources for setting up and maintaining your web sites. This includes a shared access account […]

Pioneering Cloud and Colocation Facility Opens

Industry-leading cloud and colocation services company ScaleMatrix recently announced the opening of their pioneering flagship data center. The building was constructed specifically for the purpose of hosting services and boasts 50,000 sq. ft. The facility will house cutting-edge cloud hosting technology and highly efficient colocation space. Statement from the CEO In a recent statement by […]

Data Foundry Opens Data Center in Austin

Colocation web hosting provider Data Foundry recently opened its newest data center in Austin, Texas. The company claims the facility is the first “purpose-built, carrier-neutral data center in the Central Texas region.” Preparations for the opening of the new data center began in May 2011 when the company held a large job fair in Austin […]

The Launch of the Savvis Markets Infrastructure

Savvis, an industry leading managed web hosting provider, recently announced the launch of the first phase of Savvis Markets Infrastructure which enables financial organizations to utilize customized information technology solutions. Savvis was recently acquired by CenturyLink, a telecommunications company, for stock and cash totaling $2.5 billion. Creating a Flexible Commercial Model The Savvis Markets Infrastructure […]

Telconet Scheduled to Build Two New Data Centers

Based out of Ecuador, telecommunications company Telconet recently announced its plan to build two new data centers for technology services. Groundbreaking is expected to begin in September 2011. The company currently boasts one data center in Quito and one in Guayaquil, both are in Ecuador. There is currently a growing demand for available sites for […]

Ascent to Partner with Comcast

Colocation web hosting provider recently announced it has partnered with industry-leading telecommunications company Comcast Business Services. The partnership will allow both companies to have access to Ascent’s data center in Pittsburgh through Comcast’s fiber optic network. The partnership will grant customers access to colocation, virtualization and managed hosting as well as disaster recovery and business […]

Latisys Expands Credit Facility to $125 Million

Latisys is the leasing provider of colocation, managed hosting and services and disaster recovery solutions in the United States. The company recently announced a major expansion effort to its credit facility from $110 million to $125 million. The expansion was reflected by strong support for future company growth and the implementation of state-of-the-art data center […]

Three Reasons Why Colocation Hosting Is More Expensive

Colocation web hosting is perhaps the most expensive type of hosting available, so most people don’t consider it when shopping for a potential hosting plan. In fact, most people don’t even know what a colocation hosting plan is, or what the term “colocation” means. A colocation hosting plan is a service that allows you to […]

The Freedom and Flexibility of Colocation Hosting

Online business owners usually require various services to keep their endeavors operating smoothly and supply the tools and resources needed to continually create new websites and online business opportunities. Web hosting is such a service, as it is the first thing that is needed by every webmaster. In essence, you need access to the web […]

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