Is Colocation Hosting Right For You?

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Is Colocation Hosting Right For You?

Finding a reliable web hosting solution for your online business is absolutely imperative, especially if you plan on expanding your outreach in the near future. Reliability usually equates to privacy, and so most serious webmasters opt for dedicated hosting plans, as it allows them to lease their own private server. However there are other options that will let you do the same thing and more with the added convenience of server management and server security.

The two alternatives to managed hosting are colocated web hosting and managed web hosting. Managed web hosting is very similar to dedicated web hosting, however instead of dealing with database and server administration yourself, the web hosting company takes care of it for for you. Colocation hosting is similar to dedicated hosting as well, however your server will be stored at a special facility, and you can even purchase redundancy for your servers.

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What is Redundancy?

Server redundancy is very important for any online business that experiences high amounts of daily traffic. When you purchase server redundancy you are actually leasing extra servers that are pre-equipped with your website’s databases. This means you’ll be fully covered if one of the server’s crashes, since your site’s data will instantly be replaced with one of the redundant servers you are leasing. Colocation web hosting is one of the few web hosting solutions that gives you the option of server redundancy.

What Safety Features Does Colocation Hosting Offer?

Aside from server redundancy, colocation web hosting also gives you the assurance that all of your web servers are completely secure. Colocation hosting companies store all of their servers, including yours, in a data center facility that is specifically designed for server safety. The employees of a colocation facility are specially trained to deal with any problems that may arise and the entire facility is monitored by 24 hours surveillance. The servers are stored on ultra secure server racks and every room is fireproofed and equipped with extinguishers. By using a collocation web hosting company you can rest assured that your web servers are always safe regardless of the circumstances.

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When Is Colocation Hosting Necessary?

Although colocation hosting is most often used by larger companies, anyone can use colocation hosting. If you have any concerns about server reliability, or if you would just like to be assured of the reliability of your online business, then you may want to consider colocation web hosting. One factor that will play a substantial role in whether or not you decide to purchase a collocation hosting plan is the startup cost. Unlike other hosting plans, you will need to purchase a server and you will need to pay for the technical support that goes along with it, unless you know how to set up a web server yourself.

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If you want the safety of a collocation web hosting plan but you don’t have the money to purchase one, then you may want to consider a managed or dedicated hosting plan instead.

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