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The Freedom and Flexibility of Colocation Hosting

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Online business owners usually require various services to keep their endeavors operating smoothly and supply the tools and resources needed to continually create new websites and online business opportunities. Web hosting is such a service, as it is the first thing that is needed by every webmaster. In essence, you need access to the web server if you want to host a website on the World Wide Web. However, some people choose not to utilize a conventional web hosting plan, and instead purchase their own private web server. Once the server is purchased it must be stored in a safe area that has an ideal environment for server operation, which is low in dust, has a continually maintained temperature/humidity index, and maintains constant airflow to the server at all times. Web server owners also need to consider the safety of the server in terms of vandalism, theft, and other forms of hardware damage. Fortunately, colocation hosting is a web server storage service that keeps your web server safe all times.

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What Is Included with a Colocation Web Hosting Plan?

In essence, a colocation hosting plan is simply a service that allows you to store your private Web server in a data center that is connected to the Internet via multiple high-speed connections. Thus, the colocation hosting plan you will receive access to state-of-the-art facilities, a fully customized private server rack for your Web server’s, multiple connections to the Internet, automatic server backups and redundancy, and (with some more comprehensive plans) technical support. All collocation web hosting plans include 24-hour security, and the facilities are protected by both digital surveillance and state-of-the-art fire extinguisher systems. Without a co-location hosting plan you be forced to store your private Web server in your home, office, or in a storage space (none of which are an ideal location for an operating Web server).

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What Are the Advantages of Colocation Hosting?

The main advantages colocation hosting is the safety and stability it provides for your Web server, giving you access to facilities and stability that would otherwise be unobtainable without spending millions of dollars. For a nominal monthly fee you’ll receive full support from trained technical staff, and your Web server will be stored in environmentally controlled server rooms. Many colocation hosting providers also ensure the web hosting equipment, so that if your Web server is damaged in any way while it is being stored at the facility it will be replaced immediately. Colocation hosting providers also make automatic backups of your entire Web server on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, in order to provide complete redundancy that will ensure your websites are online at all times.

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Freedom and Flexibility of a Colocation Hosting Plan

Perhaps the most appealing advantages of colocation hosting is the ability to do whatever you would like that your web server in terms of software and hardware configurations. Regardless of how many web servers you own, or what type of operating system you prefer to use, you’ll be able to do it all collocation hosting, as you are not forfeiting your ownership of the web server. By having complete control over what your web server you can eliminate many of the conventional limitations and restrictions placed on bandwidth, disk space, databases, and other aspects of server expansion.


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