Speak Human! Should IT Workers Learn to Speak to the Layperson?

As an IT professional, you are one of the busiest employees at any organization.  Not only do you multitask problem solving for issues that come in at unpredictable rates, but you must find time to maintain current technology while planning for the future.  There is not a lot of time to develop professional skills outside […]

What is the Growth Potential for IT Jobs and Data Center Specialists Over the Next 10 Years?

While unemployment rates have eased slightly as of late (falling under 6% for the first time since 2008), the effects of the recent recession are still felt in numerous industries. As a result, many workers are seeking recession-proof opportunities in job markets exhibiting continuous growth. The IT industry is one such market that has offered […]

Surviving A Critical System Outage

From an IT pro’s perspective, a system outage is the time when that cold sweat is running down your spine because a system you are managing and your company depends on is not functioning. It can be e-mail, enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, booking application, web site, or something else and all the eyes are […]

Seriously, What is the Cloud?

Cloud applications: Your documents, address book, calendar, photos at one place, readily available.

The formal definition is, well “formal” and we’re inclined to think it like a definition that has been made specifically to confuse rather than explain, but we will start with it and further explain everything one by one. Let’s see how American National Institute of Standards and Technology answers “what is the cloud” question. Here […]