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What is the Growth Potential for IT Jobs and Data Center Specialists Over the Next 10 Years?

While unemployment rates have eased slightly as of late (falling under 6% for the first time since 2008), the effects of the recent recession are still felt in numerous industries. As a result, many workers are seeking recession-proof opportunities in job markets exhibiting continuous growth. The IT industry is one such market that has offered consistent employment opportunity in the face of economic downturns.

Thanks to the many new innovations in computing, as well as strides made within the realm of social media and mobile devices, companies all over the world are seeking bright and eager tech-professionals ready to take on the world. Accordingly, the future looks bright for those in the computing field, with numbers expected to rise through to 2020.

Statistics Illustrate Rapid Progress Throughout the Industry

Just one look at the relevant statistics shows that jobs related to the IT industry are on a steady uptick. Many facets of the computing industry are experiencing stable growth, from mobile app development to network administration. According to a report undertaken by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, computer-related occupations are projected to see as much of a 22% increase by 2020.

In many cases, there are more jobs available than suitable employees. Additionally, salaries for IT professionals have held steady or even increased in some cases, despite the myriad of economic woes experienced in other job industries. Because of these figures, a number of incoming college students are choosing IT studies as a means of making a splash in the job force upon graduation.

Growth by Country

While the U.S. market is experiencing exponential job growth thanks to the IT industry, this success isn’t simply relegated to one country or region. For instance, India has experienced a recent boom in small and medium sized enterprises (also known as SMEs) related to internet technology. This is due to improved access to up-to-date technology, thereby allowing tech companies the ability to work with a vast number of burgeoning businesses.

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Additionally, China is also experiencing tech-related growth thanks to increased demand. This expansion has much to do with the country’s recent boost in internet users, with as many as 800 million online subscribers projected for 2015. This has caused many Chinese tech companies to implement aggressive recruiting procedures to be better prepared for the increase in business.

IT growth has also been spied in some unlikely places. Tech start ups are enlivening economies all over Europe, as illustrated in cities like Dublin, Ireland and Eindhoven, Netherlands. Israel is another notable contender for future job growth, thank to the emergence of Tel Aviv’s very own Silicon Valley. This area has the designation of being home to the highest density of tech startups in the world, which will no doubt lead to many exciting innovations over the next few years.

Web-Hosting Companies Are Experiencing Monumental Growth

For a more localized perspective on IT growth, one need only look at the current state of web-hosting. One example of this growth is illustrated by web-hosting giant Go Daddy’s staffing surge, which included the addition of numerous high-profile IT professionals over the last year. The company is also hard at work on the construction of a brand new facility, which entailed the hiring of over 300 workers. These updates are being undertaken for future expansion of the company’s services, which will include platforms for social media and mobile devices.

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Other firms also have an eye on future expansion. Burgeoning web-hosting firm Endurance has recently added a number of employees thanks to increases in both revenue, as well as customer base. These increases come hot on the heels of the firm’s recent acquisition of India’s largest domain registration business for an astounding fee of $110 million.

While the above encompass merely two examples, they make it quite clear that web-hosting companies are in high demand. These numbers are bound to rise as more businesses look to expanding their online presences, which necessitates reliable and affordable web-hosting solutions suited to many diverse needs.

Cloud-Computing Is Also on the Rise

In addition to the increases seen in web-hosting opportunities, cloud-computing enterprises are also on the upswing all over the world. In just the European market alone cloud computing-jobs are expected to reach 3.8 million by 2020, with an associated revenue of $197 billion. These numbers are mirrored in other markets, as more companies become privy to the convenience that cloud-computing can offer to the performance of daily business functions.

While the number of predicted opportunities is certainly impressive, the high-profile of such positions is equally so. Amazon continues to be a sought-after employer by IT professionals, and this mammoth company is in pursuit of those with the necessary cloud-computing knowledge. Other companies in search of cloud-computing technicians include Google, Microsoft, and many emerging businesses looking to capitalize on the cloud-computing trend.

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A Different View

While many are inclined to take a positive view of IT job growth statistics, some analysts warn that these numbers could be deceptive. This is because the tech-field can be an unpredictable setting, as evidenced by past booms and busts. A variety of factors could affect this expansion, including civil unrest, natural disasters, and even changing governmental policies. Even the most robust industry may not be able to withstand such occurrences, which could leave a wide selection of job seekers out in the cold.

There is also the fear that too many prospective applicants may saturate the computer industry, which could prove disastrous to the numerous students currently immersed in IT studies. While a world-wide decline is highly unlikely, even a regional decreased in IT jobs can have ripple effects across the entire industry. However, these events are only speculation at this stage. If recent occurrences are any indication, the IT industry will continue to provide exceptional opportunities to those currently seeking computer-related educations.

Marketing Efforts Tailored to the IT Industry

While a sizable selection of dependable IT professionals is essential to keep a company thriving, marketing can also play a large role in continued success. Fortunately, Hanei Marketing has the experience necessary to help your company achieve unparalleled success using our many innovative strategies. Contact a knowledgeable representative today to learn all that we can do for your business.

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