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A Brief History of Data Storage

It’s mind-blowing to think of how far IT technology has come since the PC first began to be marketed to a mass audience. It’s hard to fathom looking back just how we were able to get along without this technology that has now becomes so ingratiated into all aspects of our everyday lives. Yet the […]

What Exactly IS “Big Data?”

The term “big data” has been a buzzword for small business owners and technology experts. However, it is not necessary to have an in-depth understanding of statistical analysis to use big data for continual improvement. The general concept behind the idea of looking at big data is analogous to looking at the big picture. Instead […]

The Transition from Shared Hosting to the Cloud

Igor Seletskiy of CloudLinux recently gave a presentation on the move from shared web hosting to cloud hosting. During his presentation he focused on specifics element of CloudLinux that are significant aspects of cloud business and not discussed that often. Furthermore, Seletskiy reiterated that “cloud” should not be considered only a technical term for a […]

Assessing Storage Needs for Your E-commerce Domain

The practice of E-commerce involves much more than simply selling products and services online. Developing a good e-commerce website involves maintaining the security and administrative aspects of your website as well. Many people overlook the importance of storage when it comes to choosing a web hosting service provider. Many people make the mistake of relying […]

Are You Paying Too Much for Web Hosting?

The easiest way to enjoy a low cost on your web hosting bill is to choose the right service provider to begin with.  Unfortunately, the web hosting business is growing at a rapid pace, which means choosing a good and reputable host is not only difficult, but often consuming and very frustrating.  The good thing […]

Is Cloud Computing Behind the Twitter Hack?

The cloud is one of the hottest topics in the world of network computing and more recently, IT hosting and e-commerce.  Though it has proven to be a cost-efficient technology, the cloud does not come without flaws, especially if the latest high-profile internet security breach has anything to say about it. The Infamous Twitter Hack […]

Critical Factors to Consider When Evaluating Application Hosting

Application hosting services are increasing in demand as more business come to realize that outsourcing to a qualified managed service provider can greatly enhance the deployment process and reduce costs across the board.  To help you find a service that meets the needs and expectations of your organization, we have listed some of the important […]

The Planet Introduces New Cloud Storage Service

A global leader in dedicated and managed hosting solutions, The Planet is enhancing its infrastructure in the terms of storage performance with cloud storage functionality.  This new service offers an on-demand, highly scalable solution that will ensure the stability large enterprises need to flourish in today’s business environment. Last week, The Planet announced that the […]

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