Carbon Offsetting Versus True Green Hosting

It can be quite tricky when attempting to determine the difference between a web hosting company that touts itself as being 100% eco-friendly and a web hosting company that offers true green hosting.  What is the difference?  One purchases carbon offset credits in the equivalent of what they produce in carbon emissions while the other […]

Digital Realty Trust Honored by Datacenter Dynamics

Digital Realty Trust Inc. took home the “Innovation in an Outsourced Environment” award at the Datacentre Leader’s 2008 Awards.  The firm received the honor for the Turn-Key Datacentre it recently delivered to IBM to support the expansion of the company’s web hosting business in France.   Digital Realty Trust was presented with the honor on December […]

The Emergence of Green Web Hosting

Few ever believed the internet would explode into its current state of popularity.  Everyone from young to old is signing online to surf the web – communicating, shopping and seeking out entertainment.  At the same time, millions of people are creating websites in attempt to meet the needs of visitors across the globe.  A webmaster […]