The Emergence of Green Web Hosting

Few ever believed the internet would explode into its current state of popularity.  Everyone from young to old is signing online to surf the web – communicating, shopping and seeking out entertainment.  At the same time, millions of people are creating websites in attempt to meet the needs of visitors across the globe.  A webmaster can’t reach their niche market without servers and the associated hardware found in today’s data centers.  In order to keep the web thriving, providers must use tons of electricity, contributing to the environmental concerns plaguing the earth today.  Data centers are located throughout the world, most of them allowing CO2 among other harmful emissions to pollute the atmosphere.  To reduce data center emissions and help preserve the earth, a number of web hosing companies have opted to go green.

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The Power Behind Green Hosting

Green web hosting was scarce a few years ago, however, recently this type of web hosting has come into the limelight.  There are a handful of companies who started off 100% green while others have gradually converted.  Even some of the most widely known providers have made the switch to offer a more eco-friendly web hosting product.  Many begin in the office by recycling waste paper and utilizing bio-fuel for heating purposes.  This leads to the data centers where servers thrive off alternative sources such as wind, solar and geothermal energy.  Some have went out and purchased RECs (Renewable Energy Credits), a certification which assures the company is using alternatives forms of power.

Slowly but surely, the web hosting industry is making the transition to more efficient operations.  There are a few companies that go far and beyond to make sure they deliver green hosting.  For example, Green Web Hosting is one host that encourages its employees to telecommute in attempt to reduce pollutants caused by everyday transportation.  Some run an entirely paperless service to cut back on the unnecessary usage of trees.  Others will actually plant a new tree for each new customer they sign up.  Many of them will also offer discounts to customers who aid in environmental causes with their websites.  Green web hosting emerged from nowhere to become the preferred choice for an increasing amount of people.

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Reliability and Performance

There are some who question the performance and overall reliability you receive with a green web hosting platform.  In actuality, renewable energy is proven to be just as reliable and effective as conventional electricity.  Green hosts are successfully running their businesses just as everyone else is.  Like the traditional provider is equipped with electrical backup sources, these companies are prepared to produce renewable energy to keep the operation flourishing.

Is Green Web Hosting for You?

Green hosting is great for obvious reasons but not everyone is ready to convert.  Some are turned off because the price varies and can be more than traditional hosting.  Cost aside, you want to find a company that is reliable and provides a quality service most importantly.  With the backing of a respectable green web host, you can feel good about your role in saving the earth.

2 comments on “The Emergence of Green Web Hosting

  • David Herron

    Some good points. Purchasing REC’s seems on the one hand just short of greenwashing but on the other hand is more practical than a hosting provider making their own electricity. Hosting providers need to have their equipment strategically located for good connection to major internet backbone exchange sites, which usually means colocation in a facility where they cannot control the power choices. One thing they can do is choose equipment for power efficiency.

    I’ve made a comprehensive list of Green Web Hosting providers that I use myself to choose which one to use.

  • Ruth Stark

    Like everything in business – show organisations how going green can save them money and they will be on-board

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