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How Would an Email Outage Affect the Web?

Have you ever been at work when your email communication goes out? Do you ever hear people around the office who say that since email is down they might as well go home because they’re not going to get any work done anyway? Mass email communication for the workplace has been around since around the […]

Converting Visitors Into Customers

In the olden days, about twenty-plus one or two years ago, to be exact, marketing involved several factors in converting the mildly interested into the valued customer. Naturally, it included advertising of some sort, even if it was in the printed Yellow Pages (humongous telephone book for business listings). Before internet searches, and as businesses […]

Geek Ethicist: Love’s Liars Online

“Dear Ethicist– What’s wrong with “sculpting” the truth on online dating sites? Women get breast implants, which is essentially false advertising (or “falsies advertising”) but men fall for that. So what’s the harm in shaving off a few years from your age or adjusting your photo on a dating site? I mean, sometimes no one […]

Geek Ethicist: Murphy’s Law of Email

“Dear Ethicist– I recently received a long, personal email from a complete stranger. The email was not addressed to me, so I can only guess that they misspelled the email address and ended up sending this email to me instead of it’s intended recipient. This must happen pretty often. My question is: what should I […]

Moving E-mail to the Cloud: The Obvious Benefits

In all my discussions about migrating your data center to the cloud, I have taken a broader view of benefits offered by the cloud. In this article, I will specifically talk about the benefits of moving e-mail to the cloud. I chose e-mail on purpose: e-mail is a service that has a low performance score […]

Top 5 Email Clients for Windows

Since the late 20th century, electronic mail has been saving us precious time by shrinking distances and delivering messages in real time. As a consequence, in the present day you can’t survive the social side of internet without an email address.  The newsletters, the Facebook and Twitter accounts, the virtual letters and cards we send […]

Email Encryption: Protecting Yourself and Your Information

You decided to write a steamy email to your lover late at night from your home computer.  Pet names were used as well as some other language that, if anyone else but your lover saw, you would just die of embarrassment. The problem is you did not use any form of encryption on your email […]

The Eternal Battle – Beware of the Attackers!

You may have seen in the news over the past year or so how a small band of Somali pirates can hijack the biggest ships on the open sea!  If you own a ship your first rule ought to be “Do NOT sail near Somalia!”  So, you own a business and you rely on a […]

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