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Google Chrome Browser Cracked

Vupen Security, a group specializing in vulnerability research, claims to have broken through the Google Chrome browser as well as the sandbox thus denting claims regarding the security of the…

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Protecting Your Site from DDoS Attacks

Web hosting security is an extremely complex technical field, as it is constantly evolving. Every time someone finds an exploit or a security loophole, the web hosting company has to…

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Use Captcha To Keep Spammers At Bay

One of the first and most annoying things that can happen to a new web site owner is being blasted with spam.  There is a dilemma presented when wanting to…

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Web Hosting Security at Risk: Are you?

It seems as if new web hosting companies are emerging on the scene everyday and almost all of them are trying to ease the rising fears of security breaches.  The…

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Protect Your Site From Maliciously Activities

Thousands of vulnerable websites are exploited everyday.  In many cases, your site can be victimized without you having the slightest clue.  Unfortunately, there are also instances in which your site…

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Fighting Back Against Website Attacks

Despite all the advancements that have been made in information security, hacking attacks continue to be a major problem, inflicting damage on some of the biggest companies.  Every year, it…