Web Hosting Security at Risk: Are you?

It seems as if new web hosting companies are emerging on the scene everyday and almost all of them are trying to ease the rising fears of security breaches.  The efforts and reassurance are warranted when considering that any website is vulnerable to an attack.  Intruders are constantly on the prowl in search of sensitive information such as account numbers, invoice records, personally identifiable details and other confidential data.  The best way to ensure the protection of this information is a combination of proven security mechanisms and routine security practices employed by both the hosting provider and end-user.

Why Web Hosting?

You may wonder why the web hosting industry is such a big target of hackers?  The simple answer is that the market is tremendous, consisting of thousands of companies that power millions of websites throughout the world.  There are billions of dollars tied up in the business and hackers are willing to use every trick in the book to get a share of it.  If your site runs mission-critical operations, acts as the central source of information for your niche or enables you to make a living, it is imperative that you make security a priority.  Because your web host is in a better position to ensure reliable protection than yourself, you need to put security on the top of your list when sizing up potential hosting providers.

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The Expanding Threat Model

A hacker’s arsenal is made up of numerous tools and techniques.  They typically combine various methods to compromise websites and turn the unsuspecting into victims.  Some blend into social networking sites, playing nice in hopes of enticing community users to visit an infected site and unknowingly execute malicious code on their system.  They trick users into downloading items that appear to be something desirable like a multimedia application or game but is only a deceptive Trojan horse in disguise.  Some utilize more destructive weapons that could result in the theft of one’s assets and identity.  The malicious keylogger is a prime example, a menacing program with the ability to capture every single character you type into your keyboard.  These threats and more, are the very reasons why web hosting providers across the world are increasing their efforts to deliver better security to their customers.

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Put Security First

You don’t have to be a security expert in the IT field to keep yourself protected from hacking exploits.  However, your web host should be.  After all, if they are taking money from you and making a commitment to serve your pages over the internet, shouldn’t they also be on top of the security mechanisms and procedures needed to ensure the safety of your website and personal information?   Security is a must in the web hosting arena so you should take no excuses and never settle for less.  With that said, if you feel that your current hosting provider isn’t taking the necessary measures to keep you protected, don’t stand for it – move your files to a responsible server.

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