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The Overlooked Connection Between Computer Viruses and Site Security

Most site owners are very paranoid about the possibility of their site being stolen or hacked, and are therefore insistent on using a web host that utilizes top notch encryption technology and other security measures. For  a web host, a single lapse in security can result in the loss of entire networks for days at […]

Website Security – 4 Ways to Secure Your Website

One of the biggest priorities when running an online business is website security. Having a secure website will cause your customers to trust your business, thereby boosting sales and increasing your return on investments. The online community is teeming with malicious hackers that are willing to do whatever it takes to penetrate your site’s security […]

The Need for PCI Compliant Hosting

More web hosting providers are offering services that provide customers with the help they need to achieve PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.  Achieving compliance requires the use of numerous security tools and policies to meet the standards that apply to any business that accepts, processes and stores credit card information.  Those who do not adhere […]

Web Hosting Security at Risk: Are you?

It seems as if new web hosting companies are emerging on the scene everyday and almost all of them are trying to ease the rising fears of security breaches.  The efforts and reassurance are warranted when considering that any website is vulnerable to an attack.  Intruders are constantly on the prowl in search of sensitive […]

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