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Can Your Domains Get Hijacked?

Imagine this scenario: your customer service line gets a call from the owner of a small business whose e-commerce website is hosted through your service. The owner is in a panic. After months of steady visitor traffic and consistent daily transactions, suddenly all visits to her site have stopped. Not knowing what do to next, […]

The Recent Cyber War: Who Won, Who Lost, and What Lessons Did We Learn?

The impact of inexpensive IT networking systems has made cyberwarfare capabilities relatively cheap initiatives compared to pursuing nuclear weapons. For instance, North Korean hackers are chosen from universities and begin training at the age of 17. Pay is remarkably good, elevating the hackers and their families to high social status. The question remains: who wins, […]

2014 Hacker Attacks: There Were More Than You Know

While the world was in an uproar about the alleged North Korea hack on Sony Pictures, many other organizations were compromised as a result of loopholes and deficiencies in their web security. Many of these attacks did not receive as much publicity as the North Korea and Sony Pictures fiasco did. Here is a brief […]

How Would an Email Outage Affect the Web?

Have you ever been at work when your email communication goes out? Do you ever hear people around the office who say that since email is down they might as well go home because they’re not going to get any work done anyway? Mass email communication for the workplace has been around since around the […]

The Top 8 Web Security Falsehoods and Blunders

These days, many web security experts say that there are only two types of businesses left in America: those that have experienced a breach and those that don’t know they have. The same can be said for most individuals in the United States. With hacking becoming practically commonplace, most people are unaware of how insecure […]

Is ISIS a Threat to World Web Security?

In response to the air strikes and military presence brought about by the United States, the FBI has issued a warning that ISIS and other extremist groups may initiate cyber attacks in retaliation. While they are stating that the recent threats are “nonspecific and probably aspirational”, there are several reasons why Americans should be concerned […]

Top Data Breaches of 2014 and What We Have Learned

Data security is an increasingly common concern thanks to the rising awareness that security breaches pose very real threats to individuals. Companies have long been aware of the cost that such lapses can have though 2014 was a year that woke many organizations up to the fact that security measures simply cannot be left to […]

Will the World’s Problems Affect the Internet?

The internet is one of the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal, but in the wrong hands that tool can easily become a weapon. While you may think that the world’s problems won’t do much to affect the day-to-day goings on of your business, the truth of the matter is that even […]

Taking a Behavioral-based Approach to DDoS Security

As the proliferation of online data has grown, so too has the need for companies to develop massive and complex virtual infrastructures in order to support their online traffic. These systems offer users untold benefits in terms of front-end experience, web performance, and data storage. Yet one of the unfortunate consequences that has arisen from […]

Why They Killed Aaron Swartz

This will be the question of our decade. Swartz’s father claims the government killed him. Many journalists assert Swartz’s brain chemistry and circumstances killed him… Baloney. Certainly his depression, added to the pressure of a high-profile lawsuit, created the perfect mix of pressure that Swartz needed to kill himself, but don’t delude yourself that it […]

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