When Markup Languages Attack

You of course know HTML, you may know some XML and SGML, and you figure there are probably a handful others out there that a few people use.  If by “handful” you mean a few hundred, then yes, you are right.  All of them serve real technical needs and a great many of them enjoy […]

Static HTML Pages vs CMS Generated Sites

Web development is an essential aspect of the internet industry, being directly responsible for the origin of user-friendly interfaces that we enjoy on a daily basis. There are many ways to design a site, from advanced programming platforms to simple site builders that are included with eCommerce hosting plans, each one accommodating the needs of […]

A Closer Look into APS Hosting

APS is a unique hosting solution that offers some very unique features to the domain owner. APS (Active Server Pages) technology allows the design and creation of an interactive website to be completed via server-side scripting. Examples of interactive websites and/or features would be: forums, blogs, search bars, calendars, newsletters, email, surveys, polls, and hit […]