Moving Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Businesses are adopting cloud solutions in their IT departments at an increasing pace. In my previous article, I have discussed the obvious benefits of moving e-mail, the most mission critical  component of a company’s IT services, to the cloud. I have also discussed that the overall operational and financial benefits of cloud solutions apply to […]

Change How You Think About the Level 1 Support: No Down Payment, Immediate Returns

Everything is changing and so is the IT department. Not only the focus, but also the users. Add the constant pressure of doing more with less and understaffing (about half) you probably end up with burned out Level 1 support employees. Under these conditions, it does not make sense to insist on the traditional Level […]

Choosing a Cloud Provider

As is the case for all the hypes, there are many companies who have jumped on bandwagon: competent or not, many companies offer cloud solutions. From an IT professional’s perspective many of them offer services that they cannot properly deliver. Even worse, business owners are bombarded with features they will have when they choose from […]

Windows Server 2003: Still Getting the Job Done

Microsoft is behind a number of technologies that suit the needs of home and business users in both the desktop and server environment.  In general, Microsoft separates its server operating systems into four main categories: Applications, Collaboration, IT Operations and Security, essentially covering all the vital aspects required to running a highly efficient network. The […]