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CIO Perspective: Traditional Strategies Still In Place

Social enterprises, enterprise collaboration, bring your own device (BYOD), new development methodologies are the changes that the affect the organizations as a whole and the IT departments is no exception. However there are the fundamentals which are and will be there for times to come as is the business continuation, asset management and disaster recovery. […]

Why Office 365 Is a Better Choice for Your Business

After more than two years in the field discussing and implementing Office 365 and Google Apps, trying to decide between the pros and cons of both, I can say that Microsoft’s solution is where I drop my anchor. It is far more than checking a few boxes in a spec sheet and then comparing the […]

End User Support: Excuses From The Userland

No matter where you worked in IT support – enterprise, remote, online, consultant, friend, whatever – you have heard many excuses from the end users. When you thought that you heard them all, they begin to be the same over and over again. Only the person who says it differs. Let’s work the list together.

Enterprise Mobile Application Launch: Strategies For The IT Managers

Almost all IT managers know the application deployment and implementation cycle in their companies. But many of them fail to fully understand the issues that come with the mobile applications, and struggle after the launch by revisiting the issues and trying to achieve compliance. We have compiled a list of the must-have items in the […]

CIO Perspective: Defunding and Refunding Initiatives

IT always had a notoriety for high acquisition and implementation costs and therefore almost always the first items to be considered for defunding. For the past years many IT departments are only tasked to keep the existing systems up and running and to avoid costly upgrades. On the other hand, the IT managers want to […]

Most Common Unrealized Data Center Mistakes: #3 Lack of Proper Business Mind

I am always amazed that the IT people operate in a very disciplined, task-oriented manner but fail to understand how people think and work, let alone working in harmony with the users or customers most of the time. Even the fact that the IT people themselves are already users do not help make their relationships […]

Most Common Unrealized Data Center Mistakes: #2 Lack of Proper Operations

I have spoken about the most common mistakes in the planning phase in my previous article. Although there are companies that have correctly passed through the planning phase, they make the most common mistakes in the operations phase. It is also very interesting to see that the companies, whose main area of business is Information […]

Most Common Unrealized Data Center Mistakes: #1 Lack of Proper Planning

When I visit my clients’ data centers, I often see the same mistakes repeated over and over. When I find the time to speak with the IT managers – or the owners- I find out that those mistakes stem from three different facts: Lack of proper planning Lack of proper operations Lack of proper business […]

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