New QR Code, NFC and Augmented Reality Innovative Ideas

QR codes, NFC and Augmented Reality (AR) have come a long way from their intended use thanks to the imagination and innovation of the people who use them. They have blazed trails on the web that is a boon to everyone who leans heavily on the internet, social media and promoting their business via digital […]

iTech Review: Learn Augmented Reality, NFC and QR Codes Before 2015!

If you feel like 2013 flew by, then you would be right as it seems our existence is tied closely, symbiotically, actually, with our personal technological devices. Our computers, cameras, phones and music players long ago became one device, and still that device gets smarter. It talks to us, it shows us how to travel, […]

Will NFC Communication Make QR Codes Obsolete?

The world is starting to go nuts over QR codes. They are on packaging, posters, web sites, business cards and, well, just about everything. A quick scan using a free phone app and you are taken to a special site, view a video, get further information or register for more information to be sent to […]