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Introduction to Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Web hosting is a booming industry and one that has led to the creation of many sub-markets, including affiliate programs.  These programs have become incredibly popular over the years for…

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How to Avoid an E-commerce Disaster

Numerous elements go into achieving success with an e-commerce site.  This is one area in which all your vital components need to be working in harmony to create consumer interest,…

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Introducing the nopCommerce Shopping Cart

Though you will not find it on too many store shelves, open-source software is a major hit in the internet world and the web hosting market is solid proof.  These…

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The Need for PCI Compliant Hosting

More web hosting providers are offering services that provide customers with the help they need to achieve PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.  Achieving compliance requires the use of numerous security…


Factors to Consider for E-commerce Hosting

Before opening up your store online, it is important to know that e-commerce hosting is a complex undertaking filled with confusing terminology and many types of services. Aside from figuring…

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What You Need in E-commerce Hosting

E-commerce is a term that has become synonymous with online business as millions of people are opening up their own storefronts on the Internet.  As the web is now populated…