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Why Hosting Companies are No Longer Offering eCommerce Hosting Plans

Although hosting types like VPS and dedicated hosting are amongst the most commonly used by online businesses, many online storefront owners have utilized eCommerce hosting in the past because it provided features that were specifically designed for online retail business. For example, eCommerce hosting plans often advertised the inclusion of shopping cart and payment processing […]

The Relationship Between eCommerce Web Hosting and Internet Security

Every day, tens of thousands of online transactions take place that cumulatively amount to millions of dollars in eCommerce. In fact, many economical experts believe that the rise in eCommerce is partially responsible for the sustenance of certain economies in the recent recession. As global communication is being facilitated by use of the internet on […]

e-Commerce Hosting: What You Need, What You Don’t

If you’re looking for a specialized web hosting service that caters to entrepreneurs seeking an online e-commerce endeavor, then consider opting for an e-commerce hosting package.  While many believe a standard web hosting plan will suffice to operate an online business, soon they reap a harvest of profits. e-Commerce Tools To be taken seriously by […]

Review of Volusion – Professional eCommerce Shopping Cart Solution

Volusion is a company that has been developing revolutionary eCommerce technology and solutions since their inception in 1999. Over time Volusion has managed to amass a customer base of more than one hundred thousand, which consists of small business owners and corporations alike. In fact, in 2009 alone, the amount of online transactions that were […]

Using Ecommerce Web Hosting to Build Online Shops

A lot of money is poured into the web development industry every year, as new online business owners try to make their way into the online industry. However, it does not take a fortune to make money online and create an online storefront. In fact, with an eCommerce web hosting plan you don’t even have […]

How to Set Up an Online Store Quickly and Easily

The online retail market presents a plethora of unique advantages for aspiring internet entrepreneurs. However, the process of building, operating and marketing an online storefront can be a complex and tedious one  that involves the use of many tools and resources. Fortunately, there are web hosting plans designed specifically to aid in the construction and […]

Tips for Increasing Profits in E-commerce

Most customers will not even considering purchasing a product or service unless the shopping process is simple. You have to remember that you are trying to sell them something, not the other way around. Therefore the experience leading up to the sale has to be flawless, because customers will not hesitate to visit another website […]

How Complete is Your E-commerce Solution?

Once upon a time, the budding entrepreneur was often stopped in their tracks due to the lack of financial resources needed to invest in the traditional brick and mortar store.  This no longer has to be the case as both the internet and e-commerce are in full swing, providing companies of all sizes with an […]

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