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The Relationship Between eCommerce Web Hosting and Internet Security

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Every day, tens of thousands of online transactions take place that cumulatively amount to millions of dollars in eCommerce. In fact, many economical experts believe that the rise in eCommerce is partially responsible for the sustenance of certain economies in the recent recession. As global communication is being facilitated by use of the internet on an ever-increasing basis, online business transactions and digital databases are becoming the backbone of every industry, from banking to wholesale trade.

Most people don’t realize that the majority of retail and wholesale transactions that occur on the internet are mediated by payment processing services that are mediated by eCommerce hosting plans. Thus, eCommerce hosting plays an important role in the overall security of the internet. The following information outlines the connection between eCommerce web hosting and the security of the internet.

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Payment Processing


When you make a purchase online, you’re actually giving your card number or payment details to a secure payment processor that deposits the funds into the merchants account on your behalf. These payment processing applications are setup automatically within eCommerce hosting plans, and are an integral feature in every eCommerce  hosting plan. Payment processors not only improve the security of the internet, they also make it easier for merchants to accept a wide range of payment types, from PayPal to debit/credit card. Without payment processing and secure encryption technology, (both of which are offered with eCommerce hosting plans) the entire internet would be an unsafe place for financial transactions.

Site Visiting and Password Protection

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Aside from simply stealing your credit or debit card details, online criminals will also attempt to steal your passwords and any other data that could lead them to something valuable on your computer. Many people don’t realize that viruses can affect web sites just as much as they do personal computers. When a site has a virus, the hacker that created the virus may be able to see what you’re doing on the site, and they may be able to get the virus downloaded onto your hard drive as well. If you’re computer or a site you’re visiting has a virus, then there is a possibility that a hacker could be monitoring your activity, including gathering your passwords and other sensitive information. Fortunately, most good eCommerce hosting plans come with automatic virus protection for business web sites, which is a major contributor to the safety of the internet.

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Email Security


Everyday hundreds of millions of emails are sent and received across cyber space. If it weren’t for secure encryption technology, these emails could be intercepted by hackers. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence, however it can and does happen, especially when the mail is being sent using a free commercial email client. eCommerce hosting plans include some of the most secure email clients and messaging systems available, which are imperative for any serious online business owner. Without these industry-grade email messaging systems offered by eCommerce hosting plans, a lot of important business emails could be intercepted and used for nefarious purposes.




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