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VPS Hosting and Storage: Coveted Knowledge From the President and CEO of InMotion Hosting

At last you have decided to expand your hosting needs and delve into virtual private server hosting. You’ve decided the shared hosting that you’ve been using simply does not suffice, or maybe you’re looking to downsize from your costly and hard-to-maintain dedicated server. Either way—and really, no matter what you’re looking for—you’re going to want […]

How Strong Should your Dedicated Server Be?

You’re pretty sure that you need a dedicated server. You’ve decided that you need its power or accessibility; or perhaps you’ve had this decision made for you by a provider that can’t host your site on a shared server anymore. This article is going to assume that you’ve already done the double-checking necessary to make […]

Top Reasons to Use Clustered Hosting Services

Clustered hosting services have received a lot of attention lately, in fact even services such as Flickr and email platforms such as Yahoo Mail make use of the clustered hosting concept. Whether you know it or not, you also use a similar concept to this kind of service every time you execute a web search! […]

Do You Need Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting services have generated a lot of buzz in recent times.  While you may or may have not heard of this type of offering before, you are probably more familiar with it than you think.  In fact, if use Gmail for checking your webmail, Flickr for sharing photos and perform online searches with Google, […]

VPS Web Hosting – Do Your Really Need a Control Panel?

Control panels are certainly a vital element in today’s web hosting operation, helping to transform complex tasks into simple processes that can be handled by users of varying skill levels. The vendors that distribute these products and the hosting industry in general have no trouble pushing the software on the market, but critics are now […]

Shared Hosting: The Ideal Small Business Solution

Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting solution today, ideal for individuals and small business owners as well.  So, what exactly is shared hosting?  Well, as the name implies, it refers to an arrangement where you share space on a web server and resources such as bandwidth and RAM with other hosting customers.  Though […]

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