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Understanding The Root User And How to Obtain It

If you’re new to the realm of dedicated web hosting, you may suddenly be inundated with a bunch of terms with which you’re unfamiliar. Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to web hosting than just disc space, bandwidth, and hardware: The Linux operating system underneath comes with a heap of terminology you’ll have […]

Keep Your Site Safe – Learn What Not to Do

Let’s face it: The Internet isn’t the golden playground it once was, where all could go and have their swing in peace. In fact, it’s now so overrun with bullies and miscreants that it’s a wonder we haven’t decided to swap school districts yet! That was a joke, but the idea remains the same. It’s […]

How And When To Offer SSH Access To Your Customers

If you’re running on a Unix or Linux server, then you likely access your files systems via SSH on a daily basis. However, this might be well and fine for an administrator like you, but should you also be offering the same access to your customers? SSH is particularly vulnerable to attacks by unwanted intruders, […]

How To Deal With A Possible Intruder On Your Server

You’re cruising through your server’s inner network one fine day, when all of a sudden you notice an unfamiliar name accessing your files. This user may have come through SSH, or any other access method, but no matter the entry port, you certainly don’t want them accessing your files. Before panic sets in and you […]

Secure Shell Security Tips

Secure Shell or SSH is a security measure that was designed to protect websites from external threats. In the past, users would connect to their servers using Telnet. Now that servers a no longer just down the hall, SSH adds an extra layer of encryption to the transmission ensuring you will be able to connect […]

Web Hosting Security – Difference Between SSL, TLS and SSH

One of the most important aspects of web hosting security is the protocol that is used to transfer files from the web server to a visitor’s computer. This is especially true for web sites that frequently engage in eCommerce activity. Understanding the various types of web hosting security protocols can help you build discretion when […]

A Review of the cPanel Preference Menu

The preference menu within the cPanel software interface is an area to change various settings allowing for further customization. This permits clients to view different features in a more comfortable environment. When first entering the Preference Menu, there are two options: The Getting Started Wizard Other Features The Getting Started Wizard presents a plethora of […]

Protect Your Site From Maliciously Activities

Thousands of vulnerable websites are exploited everyday.  In many cases, your site can be victimized without you having the slightest clue.  Unfortunately, there are also instances in which your site can be used in malicious ploys without being directly compromised   In the best interests of both you and your visitors, it is imperative that you […]

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