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How To Connect To Your Server Using SSH

SSH is about as cool as sliced bread, if maybe not a little bit more so. Seriously, it’s a great way to get at your server’s terminal shell, which—as we…

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Secure Shell Security Tips

Secure Shell or SSH is a security measure that was designed to protect websites from external threats. In the past, users would connect to their servers using Telnet. Now that…

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A Review of the cPanel Preference Menu

The preference menu within the cPanel software interface is an area to change various settings allowing for further customization. This permits clients to view different features in a more comfortable…

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Securing FTP Connections

File Transfer Protocol or simply FTP, is a feature that has become very popular on the web hosting market. FTP offers capabilities the email system can’t touch, allowing you to…

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Protect Your Site From Maliciously Activities

Thousands of vulnerable websites are exploited everyday.  In many cases, your site can be victimized without you having the slightest clue.  Unfortunately, there are also instances in which your site…