A Review of the cPanel Preference Menu

The preference menu within the cPanel software interface is an area to change various settings allowing for further customization. This permits clients to view different features in a more comfortable environment.

When first entering the Preference Menu, there are two options:

  • The Getting Started Wizard
  • Other Features

The Getting Started Wizard presents a plethora of options which are the basic choices when first setting up a new account. These selections include:

  • Language
  • Introduction to Web Hosting
  • Web Disk Accounts
  • New Email Address Setup
  • Set Default Address
  • Webmail
  • Contact Information and Preferences
  • Style
  • Manage SSH Keys

The Language area allows for clients to change the default language setting. The Introduction to Web Hosting section contains information to assist the client with creating directories, retrieving files and using the file manager, web disk and FTP accounts. Web Disk Accounts is an application that assists with the manipulation and management of the website’s files.

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New Email Address Setup allows the client to create new email accounts. Set Default Address requires the client to set an email address that will receive mail sent to an invalid address. Webmail is an email client that permits the webmaster access to all email accounts through a browser.

The Contact Information and Preferences area lets the client setup their contact information. The Style section is another method of customization allowing the webmaster to choose from several cPanel styles that change the interface. Finally the Manage SSH Keys area simply generates SSH keys that confirm specific computers can access the website’s data through an SSH session.

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The second option is the Other Features area. Within this selection are several sections including:

  • Video Tutorials
  • Change Password
  • Update Contact Information
  • Change Style
  • Change Language
  • Shortcuts
  • Branding Editor

When clicking Video Tutorials, an area opens where the client can watch tutorials on three different categories: cPanel 11, Branding and Mail. The Change Password selection allows the webmaster to change their password. Update Style and Change Language are two customization areas that can also be accessed from the Getting Started Wizard.

The Shortcuts area is a method allowing the client to create quick shortcuts within the cPanel interface. Finally, the Branding Editor permits webmasters to create, edit and manage header and footer images within each theme to create website branding.

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The cPanel Preference Menu offers many options for customization and improvement of the website and interface. These areas are helpful to both novice and veteran clients. Due to the numerous convenient functions, cPanel has become the most popular control panel available.

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